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Meta AI Image Generator Launched

By Victoria Udrea | December 8, 2023

Meta launched the Meta AI image generator, Meta Imagine (officially Imagine with Meta), developed using publicly available Facebook and Instagram posts. The company excluded private posts and messages from the model's training data to safeguard privacy. Nick Clegg, Meta's president of Global Affairs, emphasized the company's commitment to filtering out private information from the publicly accessible datasets used for training.

Imagine with Meta, similar to OpenAI's DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, leverages Meta's existing Emu image generation model to craft high-resolution images from text prompts. Currently, it is free for users in the U.S. and can generate four images per prompt.

Access Meta AI to ask questions, create lifelike images, and more. Experience improved features for mobile, including more in-depth responses and precise search result summaries. Enhancements have increased the likelihood of receiving helpful responses to various inquiries. To engage with Meta AI, begin a new message and choose "Create an AI chat" on messaging platforms, or type "@MetaAI" in a group chat followed by your request. Alternatively, activate the assistant by saying "Hey Meta" while wearing Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.

Meta AI is now accessible as a standalone service on, allowing users to generate images after logging in with their Meta, Facebook, or Instagram accounts. The company has taken measures to exclude datasets containing personal information, with most data used for training being publicly accessible.

Enthusiasts of AI have begun experimenting with Meta Imagine, creating high-quality images and drawing comparisons to other popular AI image generators. The interface of Imagine is straightforward, featuring a prompt field and four generated images for users to download. However, there are limitations, such as the inability to resize images beyond a 1:1 aspect ratio square and a watermark with the "Imagine" logo in the lower right corner of the generated images.

Despite these constraints, Meta appears to be positioning Imagine as a free alternative to existing AI art generators, aiming to compete in the market while addressing privacy and copyright issues. The launch of Meta Imagine signifies a significant step in Meta's venture into consumer-facing AI tools, particularly in the realm of real estate AI tools, as the company redirects its focus toward artificial intelligence.

Meta AI stood out as the most essential product among the company's initial consumer AI tools, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed on Wednesday at Meta's annual products conference, Connect. This year's event revolved around discussions of artificial intelligence, a departure from past conferences that focused on augmented and virtual reality.

Victoria Udrea, a talented author who specializes in real estate and technology, is a valued contributor to Realty Biz News. With her keen eye for detail and passion for keeping readers informed, she diligently covers the latest developments in the industry, focusing particularly on the exciting realms of AI and smart home technology.
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