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Millennial women want smart homes with new Technology

By Guest Author | August 7, 2015

Millennials love technology and their love is not a passing phase. Younger home owners want to build houses with smart technologies or own a house with full automation. By 2020, these smart home sales will bring in $224 in revenue. The number of millennials buying a smart house will rise exponentially by 2018. Twenty-nine percent owned smart home features in 2014. By 2018, this percentage will be 660 percent.


Women could play a huge role in smart home ownership, as 61 percent are excited about smart home technology. They know the technology is expensive, but there were upsides to the cost. Many women, surveyed in a world report, said smart homes made them feel safer in their homes and they could save them time. They admitted not buying a smart house yet because of the high costs and there was room to improve smart house features.

Things everyone wants to see in their smart home

Touchless kitchen faucets - What features are popular to have in a smart house? Touchless kitchen faucet heads are popular features in smart homes now. This is the technology of the future and now. Homeowners want to be able to have clean hands; sensors turn on the water in milliseconds.

Open floor plan - As with a traditional home, millennials like the open, airy floor plan. There are with fewer walls to separate the kitchen from the dining area or living room.

Google Nest Thermostats – Younger homebuyers want thermostats that are not only programmable, but they can also be set on a schedule. Homebuyers can set their thermostat and not have to worry. These thermostats can be installed without an electrician and they can be used with many technology devices to control the temperature, such as smart phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

Multiple master suites – It is nice having a master suite, but it is even nicer having two. Many young millennials want private bathrooms for their guests. It is also popular to have these master bedrooms on the first floor.

USB wall outlets – These are becoming a standard feature in smart homes, as millennials do not want to buy a charger to power their devices.

Quartz counters – Many homeowners want to have countertops that are easy to clean and maintain. It is also cheaper to install than granite. This allows millennials more money to spend on tech extras for their home.

Fingerprint door locks – Lose your keys? Getting in only requires your fingerprint and homeowners do not have to remember codes or struggle with forgetting keys if they use this technology.

Laura A. is a Realty Biz News Contributor.

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