Montreal’s Air Duct Cleaning Service Like None Other

For the last two decades, Royal Nettoyage Air Duct Cleaning has been the name to know when it comes to a full range of ventilation cleaning services in the greater Montreal area and nearby environs. Whether your project is of the residential, commercial, or industrial variety, our Better Business Bureau-approved company focuses on doing what it takes to deliver high quality, professional service. The secret to our success is that we care about each and every customer and only hire experienced technicians who understand and practice these beliefs.

Residential Air Duct Cleaning
Most homeowners realize how easy it is to let ten years slip past and never attend to a proper air duct cleaning in their home. Years down the road, they wonder why they’re coughing and wheezing and spitting all the time? Folks, you likely don’t have the plague. Those are common symptoms of dirty air in your house, in particular, high humidity, dust, and allergens that combine to leave the air you breathe of permanent low quality.

And when it comes to dollars and “sense,” clean vents improve air flow, creating a more efficient heating and cooling process. What we’re saying is – lower bills! We’re proud to offer our personalized cleaning service. Whether the job is small or large, your vent system has our complete attention, and you have the promise of a job well-done.

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Not to scare you (maybe just a little), but your air ducts, and dryer vent especially, can create the perfect breeding ground and holding pen for a collection of nasties. One is endotoxin bacteria. Anywhere dust collects and forced air blows, you’ve got a potential problem. Unfortunately, like air ducts, there’s a good chance your dryer vent hasn’t been cleaned in a while. When a dryer vent gets too dirty, there is the added risk of fire as these particles swirl around the heating element and other electrical components.

Commercial Duct Cleaning
If you think residential air ducts can be a mess, you haven’t seen anything until you take a view inside some of the commercial ventilation systems we’ve come across. Remember all those things we just said about the hazards of dirty vents and the necessity of cleaning them? It goes double (at least) for commercial enterprises where the air quality can be even worse.

Keep in mind that your employees are breathing that stuff down into their lungs the entire time they are at work. Maybe the bad air they’re breathing is what makes your workforce miss time. This is actually a good thing, because it’s something a thorough, professional air duct cleaning can remedy. As with residential systems, clean commercial ducts create better air flow, more efficient heating and cooling, and save your business money.

A Reputation That Speaks for Us
You don’t last two decades in the ventilation cleaning business unless you’re doing something right. We feel (and have plenty of satisfied customers who agree) that we’ve hit the sweet spot of competitive prices, quality work, and a genuine respect for those we serve.
In addition to ventilation cleaning, we specialize in fire damage restoration and carpet cleaning.