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Mood Lighting Ideas to Deck Your Home Quite Amazingly

By Guest Author | July 3, 2016

Lighting is probably one of the main aspects of home, adding more flavor to your valuable property. Whether you’re planning for a big family dinner or carrying out any renovation task, switching to mood lighting could enhance your home ambiance and leave your guests quite impressed. If lighting installation is proficiently done, lighting can give a whole new touch to your home environment. When it comes to lighting options, you have a wide range to choose from such as lamps, chandeliers, overhead lights, accent lights, LED lights like led high bay light and etc. If you’re associated with real estate market, you can suggest your clients to employ mood lighting in order to increase the selling chances.

Below are some of the interesting mood lighting ideas we have put together to help you make your home look more awesome.

Entertaining Sitting Area

People don’t like to sit under high lights instead feel comfortable with low, subduing light levels. Your sitting area should be elegant and well decorated because it gives your guests an idea of the entire interior of your home. So, soft and warm light would be a great choice when it comes to decking your sitting place. Keeping upper walls dark and hiding light sources is something you can do to create a romantic environment.


Fascinating Entrance

Welcoming guests with a well-decked entrance could leave a great first impression. You could highlight your points of interest by throwing decent amount of light. During the daytime, it shouldn’t be too dark for someone coming from a very bright sun light because it takes some time to adjust with the transition.

Romantic Dinner

For a perfect dinner, you would need to use dark light instead of warm bright light because it gets a little uncomfortable sitting in bright light. You could use chandelier or any other lighting fixture to focus table rather than chairs. This will help create a romance atmosphere to let you enjoy a great dinner with your loved one.

Photo Credit:yoosafabdulla via pixabay

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