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More Than Pesky: 4 Pests That Mean Trouble In Your Home

By Guest Author | September 8, 2016

Most people want their home to remain bug-free during the year to enjoy a safe and comfortable environment. Although bug sprays are effective for ants or small insects, they can be difficult to exterminate pesky critters or animals that are more resilient. When trying to keep your home pest-free, there are a few bugs and animals that mean trouble.


1. Termites

Termites often go unseen and unheard unless a thorough inspection is performed on the home. They are known to eat through the wood on buildings and cause a significant amount of damage to the property. In many cases, the home will need to be tented to kill each bug before the building is restored.

2. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are difficult to detect and are often transferred into the home from hotels or other residential properties. They are known to hide in mattresses or box springs and show up in the middle of the night to bite residents as they sleep. Bed bugs are extremely resilient and can live up to 18 months without food. They are also known to survive commercial sprays and pesticides that are used, making a professional treatment from a company like Pointe Pest Control crucial to eradicating the problem permanently.

3. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are known to hide in dark areas, which causes them to hide in the walls of homes or in cracks in the foundation. They are also prone to only coming out at night, which can make them difficult to detect and find. Although homeowners may only spot a few cockroaches, there are often dozens more hiding on the property.

4. Rats and Mice

Rats and mice can be dangerous because they are known to carry different diseases and life-threatening infections. They can contaminate the food and surfaces in the home with their feces. They can also fit through small cracks and holes in the walls of the home, often making them difficult to catch. Rats and mice are often attracted to food and garbage, making it important to seal the items tightly to avoid attracting the critters. You'll also need to seal off open areas on the property to prevent them from getting inside of the building.

Most homes have unwanted guests in each season due to changes in the climate. Although it can be difficult to remove and exterminate certain pests on your home, you can eliminate the problem with the help of a professional pest control company.

About the author: Meghan Belnap is a freelancer writing on behalf of Pointe Pest Control who enjoys spending time with her family. She loves being in the outdoors and exploring new opportunities whenever they arise. Meghan finds happiness in researching new topics that help to expand her horizons. You can often find her buried in a good book or out looking for an adventure. You can connect with her on Facebook right here and Twitter right here.

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