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Moving To Texas? Key Tips To Make The Move Easy

By Jamie Richardson | September 14, 2020

Texas, popularly known as the Lone Star State, has seen an unprecedented increase in relocations in a decade. According to the United States Census Board, Texas has an increased number of housing units totaling 172,000 since 2010. Within a year, 73.652 persons have moved to five Texan cities, moving it to one of the state cities with the highest population rise. In support of these facts, Silverton Real Estate carried out a study on a model neighborhood in Spicewood, Texas. Their statistics prove that the state is currently enjoying an increase, which is not likely to stop anytime soon and an ideal place to live for anyone who wants to find things to do in Texas or is living an active lifestyle. 

Yet moving to the state isn't any easier than other states. Therefore, individuals and families looking to make that big move to the city need to learn tricks and tips to make their process easier. These include the following:

  1. Pack Your Boxes In Advance

Perhaps the most significant step in moving houses is the packing part. This process should be done early enough because of the need to arrange items properly. Late packing would also amount to extreme rushing and stress as your moving day gets closer and closer. 

For this purpose, an action plan and an inventory would come in handy while packing your belongings. Your plan should allow you to progress slowly, from packing the least complex belongings and properties to the most complex ones. The inventory should be used to keep track of your belongings, which can be useful in the unpacking process after the move. These documentations will lessen the stress and eliminate the risk of missing belongings.

  1. Make Early Bookings With A Home Removal Company

You might have the urge to evaluate your belongings before making home removal bookings properly. But by the time you're done with the evaluation, it may be too close to your moving date already. By that time, you might not be able to get an appointment due to their overbooked itineraries. Thus, homeowners can take advantage of future booking plans, which many home removal companies provide on their websites, and can be requested at their offices. 

Early bookings will allow the company to calculate the nominal distance of their travel from your old home to the new. They can provide you with a temporary quote which can be updated subsequently when the load details are clearer. 

  1. Buy Moving Supplies

It goes without saying that you’ll be needing moving supplies before packing. The necessities include boxes, box cutters, adhesive tapes, ropes, and garbage bags. Avoid investing in expensive equipment or those one-time-use type of supplies such as furniture dollies or tie-down straps that won't be useful beyond the day you move. If you think you really need these, an option is to ask your home removal company if they could provide these items instead. 

  1. Declutter Your Personal Belongings

Decluttering is a familiar and ongoing process for every homeowner, and it's highlighted more when moving homes. To help speed up this process, you could check if your belongings are classified as luxury items, broken things, and sellable stuff. If they are, such items don't need to be packed and shipped to your new home. It’s time to be more decisive about these items, and take decluttering for real as you pack.

A constant update of your inventory of belongings should thus be prioritized throughout the packing process. This helps you decide which items to sell, donate, trash, and pack to go to your new home. There are inventory resources online made available by verified home removal companies to help ease the process. You can then proceed to take action to dispose of all the extra belongings since you started packing early enough.

  1. Revert To Your Home Removers

You've made a smart move by booking a home remover, but the purpose of the early booking can be defeated if you don't communicate regularly with your home remover. You need to ensure them of major changes from your end so they could adjust procedures from theirs.

Inventory and date changes are some of the changes that can come up during the packing process. Communicating this information can help you get the most accurate moving quote, which prepares you financially and logistically.


Moving homes need not be daunting a process if there are early efforts to ease the steps. While some individuals consider packing their own stuff, another viable option is to book a home removal company so they could do it early enough. Just make sure you keep in close contact with them to communicate whatever changes you’ll have in your original plan.

Now’s also the chance to declutter your belongings and streamline things that you’ll need or discard. Remember that moving entails an exciting experience overall, so make it less stressful by preparing ahead of time.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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