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Eight Tips for Increasing Online Sales via Guest Blogging

By Guest Author | February 7, 2013

There are lots of different search engine optimization (SEO) methods that can be utilized in order to enhance the visibility and credibility of your website. One option which is soaring in popularity as of late is guest blogging. This is a niche of content creation which has benefited from the recent changes to SEO.

© alphaspirit -

© alphaspirit -

Even with this budding potential though, for your guest blogging strategies to work effectively you need to ensure that your online sales actually increase. This is to do with your conversion rate, of course. Many times SEO campaigns end up creating traffic increases substantially, while sales somehow lag far behind the potential, this is because a site's  bounce rate is too high in many cases.

Keeping that in mind, read on to discover the top eight tips for increasing online sales via the utilization of guest blogging.

One - Finding the right blog

You need to make sure that you guest post for relevant blogs. After all, you need to generate targeted traffic. If you post on blogs which are not associated with the industry you operate in then you won’t benefit. Moreover, it is recommended that you go for high quality blogs with an editorial focus. These blogs are more credible.

Two - Quality content

It is surprising how many people overlook the importance of quality content. Of course you want to create links and promote your website. However, people aren’t going to be interested if your content is generic and of a poor quality.

Three - Build strong partnerships

Guest blogging gives you the potential to build up a strong partnership with other bloggers. Make sure you do this rather than posting a blog and then simply dropping it afterwards. After all, you can build up your reputation via other blogs and thus create several loyal viewer and customer bases.

Four - Find the right balance

Don’t brag about your company too much or try and shove your business down the viewer’s throat. You can mention it and you will have your call to action of course. Viewers want to read your blog to enhance their knowledge first and foremost, not be part of a sales pitch.

Five - Share

Make sure that you share the article via social media platforms. After all, utilizing Twitter and Facebook is via to search engine optimization these days. This is a great way to generate more targeted traffic.

Six - Respond to comments left

When people comment on a post you have wrote then you should take the effort to respond. This works well because you create a bond between yourself and the viewer. This is likely to turn viewers into customers.

Seven - Call to action

A call to action is a great way to generate traffic because if people are interested in what you have blogged about then they are going to be likely to want to delve a little bit deeper. The problem is that people are so eager to include a call to action so they post it as soon as possible – leave it until the end of your article.

Eight - Keyword quality not quantity

You need to use keywords which people are most likely to search to get to your website and you need to use them naturally. Do not use the keyword which gets the most Google searches and do not place it everywhere in your article. For example, if you sell custom made jewelry then ‘jewelry’ may pull in more search results but ‘custom made jewelry’ will pull in more relevant traffic and thus works better.

If you consider the eight points in this article then you will be assured to get the most out of guest blogging and to enhance your conversion rate. Guest posting is always considered to be an advantage if you are in a plan to develop your website or blog and enhance your reputation in the online world. If you are unsatisfied with the flow of traffic to your site or blog, you should start guest posting to other sites or blogs and have a look how your influence develops online.

So, this is how postings acts as a benefit for search engines in view of the fact that host bloggers consist of a link to your blog that, over the time, will be beneficial.

About Author : Lisa Jane is a freelance journalist. She used High Position as a resource tool for information on search engine optimization (SEO) for guest blogging.

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