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Niche Real Estate Marketing with NicheZips

By Ben Shepardson | December 7, 2022

Real estate marketing is all about targeting demographics carefully. The more focused you make your marketing efforts, the higher likelihood that the types of prospective clients you're looking for will see your marketing. As the number of prospects enter your sales funnel, this will naturally lead to a higher volume of conversions, which makes niche marketing so successful.

But knowing that you need to use niche marketing and actually leveraging that marketing strategy are two different things altogether. You need the right tools and expertise to undertake any type of marketing, let alone a highly targeted niche marketing campaign. In this case, one of the tools you need may very well be NicheZips. Let's take a closer look!

What Is NicheZips?

A bespoke targeted marketing service platform, NicheZips has been offering methods for building and maintaining personal, human presences within your chosen local community since 2020. You merely choose a specific zip code or area and NicheZips then helps you build and manage a real estate website that focuses your expertise on your chosen area, turning your website into an attractive community resource that, in turn, promotes your services as a real estate professional.

NicheZips offers a simple and turnkey way to build more professional relationships without having to rely on hard sell tactics. The platform accomplishes this by focusing on quality over quantity, seeking ways to increase your income per hour by consistently ensuring you're top of mind within your community. It's the best way to become the biggest fish in a very small, targeted pond without having to sacrifice your quality of life by micro-managing the minutia of such a closely targeted niche marketing campaign.

NicheZips offers personalized service to real estate professionals by exclusively reserving geographical regions to one real estate professional per area. This means real estate agents can corner the market in their chosen neighborhood and get out in front of their competition in ways never before possible.

The Mind Behind NicheZips

One of the masterminds behind NicheZips is co-founder John Totin, a veteran real estate professional of more than 18 years. Entering into the industry in 2005 as a mortgage broker, Totin relocated from the US East Coast to San Antonio, Texas shortly thereafter, helping to grow the largest independently owned brokerage in Central Texas expand into San Antonio. Known as someone who thinks outside the box, Totin has always focused on creating value, touching lives, building relationships, and, above all else, being real.

NicheZips Services

As part of its offerings, NicheZips provides the following services:

  • Concierge Setup and Web Hosting: NicheZips handles all the back-end setup tasks and chores for you. No more having to use different services for reserving a website address, a web host, and site-building; instead, all those myriad setup chores are included in NicheZips' service package.
  • Custom Local Content: NicheZips helps you deliver content that's been customized to be relevant to your local neighborhood. Content is both SEO and mobile-friendly, which helps to maximize its reach and readability to have the most positive impact on your brand-building.
  • Real-Time Analytics: No more guessing about your reach! NicheZips offers real-time analytics to help gauge your brand awareness and growth quickly and accurately. This helps you see much more clearly what types of marketing content is delivering the best results, allowing you to focus on it further.
  • IDX Technology Syncing: Let clients browse homes, schedule showings, and view photos with an IDX sync to your MLS. Clients can search by zip code, city, map, neighborhood, and even more, offering excellent ways for you to serve them the latest and most exciting properties as they hit the market.
  • Local Business Partnerships: Enhance the exposure of local businesses and drive potential customers their way by providing complimentary profiles for those businesses on your site. This helps create new friendships with other local businesses and supports your status as a trusted resource in your community.
  • Facebook Integration: Further build your local audience, your client base, and your niche through social media via Facebook. Brand introductions, keeping in consistent contact with your audience, and use retargeting to ensure return visits to your site with integrated Facebook tools.
  • Google Implementation: Gain access to Google Analytics for tracking website performance and audience growth. See the status of your campaigns and gauge their effectiveness by the number of visitors they attract, where they're coming from, and even more priceless information.

Become a Household Name In Your Community, the Easy Way

The various services that NicheZips offers aren't unique. In fact, real estate professionals have been using the same strategies for years to carve out a niche in their community in an effort to become a household name. The approach works, after all, or it wouldn't be such a popular one. However, the main difference is that the time, effort, and resources real estate agents and other professionals spend on building their brands on their own is massive.

With NicheZips, the various requirements for setting up and maintaining the massive digital infrastructures necessary for niche marketing is streamlined and automated. No more micro-managing or juggling different providers - instead, NicheZips offers a one-stop solution for everything you need to build your brand locally, all in one place. The benefits of such an arrangement are unprecedented, allowing you to focus on the other crucial aspects of your real estate business without worrying about neglecting your marketing efforts. For that alone, NicheZips is well worth checking out. For even more information on NicheZips and how the company's services can aid in you building your own local community visibility, contact the company at [email protected] or visit the NicheZips website to claim your niche today. Remember, though - the company reserves your chosen niche for one real estate professional at a time, so act now for the best results!

Ben Shepardson is a Realty Biz News Contributing Writer and has a long track record of success in online marketing and web development. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, he worked doing enterprise-level SEO and started an online business offering web development services to small business customers.
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