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Orlando selling your home just got easier online

By Jamie Richardson | March 18, 2020

Florida is a real estate goldmine with its currently booming economy. It is declared to be a hot market with a median home valuation of over $250,000.

The current state of Florida’s economy means this is an excellent time for homeowners to cash in comfortably on selling their homes. With the identified career opportunities in Florida’s real estate market, there are many real estate companies marketing themselves to be able to sell your house in record time. Seeking for their professional services might help you sell a house quickly but it’s not always a foolproof solution. This is especially true if you’re going to entrust your home or sale to a new real estate company. 

A great solution that you can take is putting your home up for sale online. In this article, you will learn about how you can do this in Orlando, Florida. 

  1. Advertise on Real Estate Websites

There is a proliferation of many online real estate agents in the Orlando Florida area such as Florida Cash Home Buyers. With so many options available, you would need to choose which ones are best for you in terms of how quickly they can sell your home.

To get the right list of real estate websites, you can read online reviews and dig up information about the performance of these websites. You can also ask fellow inhabitants in the area to better align your findings on real estate websites.

When you have come up with a list of websites to advertise your house sale on, you should ensure to advertise on as many of them as possible. That, of course, would be after taking other necessary steps discussed above.

  1. Stage the Home And Increase Your Curb Appeal

The first step is to stage the home to increase its curb appeal. Homestaging is the process of depersonalizing the house both internally and externally. Home staging and curb appeal are two concepts that are important in selling your house online as they give a proper representation of the house in online media and during a physical visit. 

However, deliberate efforts are required to stage the home accurately. Some of the features of proper home staging are:

  • External Washing: It is essential to clean your building’s external surfaces properly. You could either use pressure washing or power washing. After some years of use, a house is bound to have packed on dirt and some defacing markings but a single external wash can take it all away.
  • Landscaping: Large bushes, displaced flower pots, damaged walkways, and other landscape features should be appropriately repositioned and repaired as you look to sell a house.
  • Clear Out Personal Effects: Personal pictures, themed wallpapers, and furniture should be cleared out of a home that is being staged. After all, an intending homebuyer can best see themselves living in a home that doesn’t seem already lived in.
  • Add New Accessories: Check for various home accessories that need replacing or need to be added freshly and fix them up. Such items might include a free-standing mailbox, doorknobs, and light fittings.
  1. Take Professional Photos and Videos Of Your Property

Much of Orlando FL homebuyers are obsessed with digital media. Thus, it is expected that a home seller would make as much out of it as possible. 

Your best digital media options are photos and videos. These are like the lens to your property. By taking professional-grade photos and videos, you would be able to depict the house you are trying to sell correctly.

  1. Set A Fair Asking Price

Price is one of the major determinants in the sale of a home because an overpriced property is less likely to get sold than one at a fair price. To arrive at a fair price, you can employ the services of an estate agent. These agents use their professional judgment to arrive at a reasonable price for your house.  

  1. Harness The Power Of Your Social Media

A large amount of your target audience, the homebuyers in Orlando, Florida, are on social media. After you have listed the property for sale online, you can post the live links on your social media. You could also post photos and videos to increase your chances of making a sale and not leaving all the work to the real estate websites.

  1. Arrange Physical Visits And Start Conveyancing Early

Have you found interested buyers? You should arrange for them to visit the property as soon as possible, especially if they are not satisfied with the details you have put online. Also, as you list up your house for sale, you should ensure to have as many conveyance documentation ready. This will facilitate the ownership transfer process which is in the best interest of both parties


Today, more people are looking to the internet for life solutions, including home buying. Thus, the online home sales option is one worth considering for those looking to sell a home quickly.

In this article, some of the tips mentioned include coming up with the perfect list of online real estate agents to advertise on and do so. Home staging and curb appeal are also essential to get your home sold faster.

Present your home appropriately online by taking professional photos and videos of them. The right asking price would have more people asking about your property compared to one at a higher price. Give amplification to the work of your online real estate agents by posting your listing on social media as well.

When it comes down to selling, you should be ready for physical visits. As the sale goes through to completion, you should have prepared the conveyance documents earlier to facilitate the ownership transfer process.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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