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Patrick Mackaronis, Brabble Development Director, on *Star Tags and Social Media Use Among Real Estate Agents

By Jamie Richardson | August 25, 2018

First time buyers are using the internet in new ways to find their dream homes. Rather than going directly to real estate websites, they are using hashtags and social media feeds to hunt for a house that fits, according to AdWeek.
In fact, the publication also points out they are using YouTube to scan videos of properties for sale.

This means it’s more important than ever for agents and real estate companies to be active on social media sites and to be savvy about the social shopping habits of potential buyers.

Social selling
Social media has become a key communication tool for the 21st century. It has become how our society cultivates, nurtures and manages connections and relationships.

Real estate agents have already been tapping into the power of social, as 69 percent have indicated they use Facebook for their business.

However, Real Estate Magazine has warned that many agents are using social media incorrectly. They note that rather than using it to show off their knowledge, social media should be used to engage potential buyers and previous clients.
Social media has become more than just a marketing tool, it has transformed into a shopping space thanks to innovations like Brabble.

How Brabble fits in
Brabble has married social media and e-commerce into a mobile app that allows users to post audio, video, images and text to promote their products and services. Through the Brabble network, users are able to engage friends, followers or other users -- in addition, realtors are able to share information with their community of buyers and capture new potential home buyers.

“We aim to give users the features of their favorite social apps made readily available with one click. Here, e-commerce and social media merges seamlessly to make the experience as both a purchaser and a seller exceptional,” Director of Business Development for Brabble, Patrick Mackaronis, explained.

The social shopping strategy of Brabble is centered in part around *Star Tags, which is a programmable link users can embed into online content. By using these tags, people are able to buy or sell products through the app. The *Star Tags links can also be included in social media posts, e-commerce platforms and any other site that allows users to make purchases.

This includes social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, which can open up new ways for agents to find clients.
Unlike other e-commerce sites, *Star Tags directs ads to users who have shown an interest in similar products, so there is no guesswork trying to reach out to new clients.

“We're making a better, more effective social media experience - and that translates to how real estate agents use social media to grow their business”, Patrick Mackaronis added.

Social shopping + real estate = success
As more and more homeowners seek out the power of social media for their shopping decisions, real estate agents can maximize the opportunity to connect through apps like Brabble.

More than just setting up ads, successful agents know that social shoppers are looking to engage, connect and build relationships with brands and organizations. And in the end, building relationships is what real estate is all about.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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