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Practical tips first-time condo buyers are following these days

By Jamie Richardson | April 18, 2019

While some people prefer a traditional house, for others living in a condo is more convenient, and this is why the number of condo buyers has increased in recent years. Condominiums provide appealing living arrangements and reduced costs, so the monetary aspect involved does in fact play a role in why people go with this alternative. If you have decided to finally get your own place, and a condo is the type of option you are focusing on, you may be wondering how to proceed with your search.

What are the aspects that you need to keep in mind? How can you make sure you are choosing the right option? While the details that need to be addressed on the matter are multiple, and can vary depending on situation, there are a few things that will help you ease the home-hunting process and help you find an offer that will cover your expectations entirely, regardless of specifics. Here are the practical tips used by condo buyers these days:

Think money – set a budget

Whether you decide to apply for a mortgage, or you have managed saving the entire amount in your bank account, there is a financial limit you probably don’t want to exceed. Setting a budget is the first action that needs to be taken here. Before you actually start viewing properties, you should know your maximum spending limit. Having a clear idea on the subject will prevent you from wasting your time with properties that aren’t exactly priced appropriately for your budget.

One factor that needs to be remembered here is that you shouldn’t spend your entire budget on the purchase itself, but have a little money left for the future costs that will arise once you move. Perhaps you want to pursue a few renovations, or investing in new furnishing will be necessary – make sure have some money left for unforeseen future expenses related to moving.

Get a realtor on board

You should never embark on a home hunt journey without a professional by your side. With limited real estate expertise, you could face a wide range of inconveniences if you don’t have the guidance of an expert. Being overcharged, compromising on amenities and other similar occurrences can happen if you try handling the entire purchase by yourself. This is why hiring realtor is one of the most important steps to take in the process.

Someone who works in real estate will know exactly how to find great condos located in Old Town Scottsdale , how to negotiate the best price and how to speed up the entire sale, if you want to close a deal as soon as possible. Realtors have the experience necessary to help home buyers come across their ideal choice in a rapid manner. If you collaborate with the right estate agent, you won’t be wasting time with unreliable sellers, and you will also be presented with a wider variety of offers, considering the market’s most appealing properties are sold through real estate agencies.

Research neighborhood

If you have found a great place, but it’s situated in an area you know little about, you shouldn’t rush into closing the deal before you find out a few details about the neighborhood. Some locations might be less appealing – lack of amenities, no schools or hospitals nearby, or a general unfriendly atmosphere are issues that should be observed from the start. When it comes to location, you might also want to have easy access to public means of transportation, have free parking spaces or have a convenience store in your proximity. Do your homework and see what you can find out about the neighborhood. Your realtor will usually be able to tell you a few things about the area when showing you the condo.

Look into condo building rules

Because you will need to share the building with others, there are a few more rules to adhere to when buying a condo unit and not a traditional home. These can differ from one building to another, so you should request details from the start just to make sure you are buying a place that caters to your lifestyle and doesn’t cause any inconveniences. Some buildings don’t allow pets, while others have high demands in regards to noise – look over the list of rules the said property comes with and decide whether those are rules you can actually live by, or if you should be searching for alternatives.


Some condo buildings only have CCTV cameras installed, while others take security one step further and have security guards roaming around. Condominiums come with different methods of keeping the premises secure, and if you have specific demands in this department, you should know from the start watt you can expect from your unit. It’s always better to invest more money in a unit that provides an extra level of security, than getting a condo in a building that has several issues in terms of safety.

Association fees

The majority of condo communities include certain types of fees that need to be paid regularly, and the costs aren’t the same in all situations. From one building to another, the difference in fees can be quite noticeable, so before making your choice, you should find out the expense requirements you will be subjected to. Ask about how much you will need to pay for association fees, how frequently these have to be paid and also what these will include.

Buying your first home isn’t a purchase that can be taken lightly, considering there are various long-term aspects that need to be carefully considered. A condo might have been your first choice for several reasons, but despite the range of offers that are currently on the market, finding the ideal option will demand sufficient research from your part. Today’s home-seekers are targeting the suggestions mentioned above when they are trying to make a selection, and as long as you use these practical tips to your advantage, you are likely to get your hands on the home of your dreams.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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