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Understanding Prefabricated Homes

By Guest Author | December 12, 2011

Prefabricated homesThere is always a bit of concern in our minds when we think of our homes. A home is meant to be a stable structure that symbolizes safety and acts as a “comfort-zone” for us all. It is where we come back to unwind or where we wake up to energize ourselves. Basically, home is a place that we can call our own.

However, when you decide to introduce a new format of construction that isn’t traditional, the mind takes a while to adjust. Prefabricated homes have become all the rage in Queensland and other parts of Australia. Understanding these prefabricated homes, in Queensland, gives you greater confidence in their ability to serve as your perfect home.

New technology has made it extremely simple, quick, convenient and safe for you to buy and live in prefabricated homes. In fact, the technology and research going into this industry is so massive, prefabricated homes are almost becoming the main-stream product. Banks & financial institutions are ready to lend for prefabricated homes and getting a home is so much easier thanks to their acceptance.

Every bit of a prefabricated home is built in a factory. This means, the entire environment is controlled to the last degree. If you are thinking that it can never be as strong as a regular builder home, think about the kind of machinery and space they have access to in factories. The possibilities are limitless because the options for tools are limitless too! Visit a prefabricated home manufacturing factory in Queensland and you’ll see the enormous advantage that manufacturers have when building these homes.

Wiring is more efficient, accurate, effective and safe, as are utilities. This is mainly because of the all-sides’ access that these factory environs provide. There are no restrictions or obstacles – just pure and simple construction tools, people and the home!

Prefabricated homes also have to adhere to the same building standards as regular builder homes. After all, the same people will live in both kinds of homes so the safety & building regulations need to be the same. For those who feel that moving a home, from the manufacturing floor to the plot of land, may weaken the structure, knowing that the building inspection takes place after the home has been moved should bring some sort of relief.

Even if you ignore the fact that building material is cheaper and so is the labour, you cannot ignore the fact that the options in design and utility are unaffected. You will find as many brilliant designs in the prefabricated home variety as you would in any other format of home building.

From paint to paneling to roofing, designers & architects spend as much time in designing the perfect prefabricated homes as they do in regular homes. The added attention to the home’s strength is shown through the entire moving process. Lifting up a module, by crane, and placing it on a truck to be moved many-a-mile, requires the home to be stronger than average. Your builder home cannot stand the bumps and rough-travel on the back of a truck – prefabricated homes can!

If you are building a customized home for yourself or planning to build one along those lines, then you should seriously give prefabricated homes, in Queensland, a thought. They are ideal for all kinds of environments and weather conditions, stronger than builder homes and your prefabricated home will get built quicker compared to a builder home.

With space running out, the environment getting badly hit and the demand for homes breaking through the roof, prefabricated homes are always a safe & cost-effective bet!

ETHAN BROWN - author

Ethan is an architect with a strange interest in prefabricated sctructures, to such as extent that he actually lives in a pre-frabrictaed home in Queesnland Australia.  Although it has been on the site for many years, he loves the idea that one day he could put it on a truck and move home, without actually changing home.

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