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Projects to Do Before Selling Your Home

By Anita Townes | January 15, 2020

Moving is a natural part of life. Sometimes new jobs, new families, or the simple desire to live elsewhere may requires you to pack up and leave your old home. This process often involves selling the old house. You may be eager to just move out, but there are certain projects to do before selling your home that will help you get the best price.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the outer appearance your home offers to passersby. Whether it’s renovating your siding, installing exterior decorations, re-shingling your roof, or adding landscaping, there are lots of ways to boost your home’s curb appeal. Many homeowners neglect parts of their home that can add value to their curb appeal—for example, gutters improve your curb appeal due to their different styles and shapes, which in turn increases your home value. Whichever projects you choose to take on, people on the street will stop and view your home with more interest.

Replace Flooring and Old Paint

Different types of flooring can add a lot to your home’s market value. Keep in mind that, before putting your home on the market, you should replace any carpet and clean and polish any hardwood, tile, or other hard flooring. This way, homebuyers will see a clean, like-new living space. On top of that, make sure your walls and get a fresh coat of paint. Minor scratches and stains on your walls are fixable if you paint over them. For walls with eccentric or bright colors, opt for neutrals such as gray, white, or beige. This will help increase your overall target audience.

Update Light Fixtures

While their functionality is to protect the light bulbs, light fixtures also add nice décor to your interior. Choose some fixtures with flair to increase their aesthetic. There are three main types to choose from: free-standing, fixed, and special-purpose. Do your research on which light fixtures will add the greatest value to your home. Also keep in mind which ones would complement your home best.

Clean Up

Lastly, even simply cleaning up will retain your home’s integrity. Remember, no one wants to move into a dirty living space. Some of the most important areas to clean include patios and decks, walkways, basements, attics, and other neglected areas. Naturally, you should clean every part of your home in order to impress homebuyers, but polishing these often-neglected spaces will give your home an advantage over others on the market.

Anita is a Realty Biz News Contributor and loves all things real estate from housing, marketing and investing.
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