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Questions to Answer to Search for Window Replacement Options

By Jamie Richardson | February 9, 2019

Replacement windows are one of the significant investments homeowners make. They are responsible for giving some value and aesthetic appeal to the property. According to the recent studies, owners who replace windows are rest assured to see up to 80% rise in the market value.

 Here, the important thing to remember is that window replacement is an important maintenance chore that needs attention and care. It doesn’t matter if owners are not planning to sell their homes- window replacement always remains a crucial task. This project also makes the property nicer and better in looks. Another worth considering benefit of window replacement is energy savings as new windows offer better insulation with foam-filled frames. They can keep the interior cool in summers while maintain warmth during colder days.

So, if someone is not sure about why to install new components, get answers of the following questions:

  1. Do windows need replacement?

If windows still have a good condition to work for some time, then there is no need to replace them at the moment. Sometimes, homeowners can go for small fixing or maintenance to extend their useful life. Though, if the home has a vintage style or the components are not working properly, then it’s finally time to get them replaced. Living in a 20-year old home is probably a concerning thing as there would be visible signs of damage, cracking, warping or rotting on the windows. So, it’s recommended to know the right time for window replacement.

  • How to install windows?

Practically, there are two methods of window installation that have a significant impact over their price. The first method only takes out the window while keeping the trim around the windows. The process may remove a few trims from the exterior in order to install new ones. This is the complete window replacement method that maximizes energy efficiency as new frame and windows increase insulation and prevent air leakage.

The second method is applied on very old and original windows that do not support energy savings. It involves replacing old windows into the existing frame. It requires less labor and repairing or cutting efforts. Though, be sure to keep the existing frames in good shape or repairable state.

  • When to repair windows?

The next crucial step to receive satisfactory performance from the existing windows is to get them repaired. If the components are relatively in good shape, then ask the contractor to do some repair as needed. Problems like broken sashes, damaged frames etc can be fixed to improve efficiency and appearance of the existing units. This approach also affects window prices Canada.

  • What are the best types of windows?

It’s really overwhelming to see a wide range of window options. Vinyl frames are usually the best options that promise durability and long-term service. They are strong and sturdy and do not need much maintenance over time. So, the rule of thumb is to know the needs and search for the appropriate material and style. ed0

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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