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Quick Ways to Make Money off of Land

By Jamie Richardson | September 1, 2022

The rewards for land owners depend on the amount of effort and time invested in the land. So take your time and explore your possibilities for making money from your land. Some require a lot of effort and interaction with resources, while others require less. To help you make your decision, we've listed some quick and easy ways to profit from your land. 

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Sell the Land for Cash Money

Selling the land for cash money is the quickest and easiest option to get an extra income. This can be a great option if the piece of property doesn’t fit into your plans anymore. Additionally, you can opt to sell the land you've inherited and use the money to buy something you’ve always wanted. Professional land buyers are always looking for land for sale. They can assist you and make the entire process as simple as possible. Instead of waiting months to close on the land with traditional buyers, you can have the cash within a week.

Lease the Plot of Land to Hunters

You may make a good profit by allowing people to go hunting on your property if you own a large parcel of raw land that is also home to wild game. Although arrangements vary depending on the specific circumstances, having some amenities, such as a cabin with power and running water, will increase its appeal to potential hunters. Always double-check the hunting regulations in your area with the wildlife department. Don't forget to confirm that visitors have proper licenses before their arrival on your hunting land.

Host a Billboard

If your vacant land is next to the main road, you could consider hosting a billboard to earn some passive income. Your location can interest advertising companies constantly looking for new sites to place a billboard. The amount of money paid to landowners varies considerably based on the size of the sign, the cost of advertising at the time, the volume of traffic, and countless other considerations.

Start a Farm

Farming is a great way to put the plot of land you own into good use. Maintaining farmland can be a very profitable venture. For example, you'll be able to make milk from cows, honey from bees, and wool for the upcoming chilly winter months from sheep. You may sell to the locals and work with different businesses to get your products on the marketplaces abroad.

Build a Greenhouse

Greenhouses can be a successful business venture. In addition to enabling year-round production of your fruits and vegetables for use in cooking or on-site consumption, greenhouses also allow a yearly income by offering rental space. Consider building a greenhouse for yourself but also rent it out to generate regular income flow. When deciding how to cultivate your crops, one aspect that you must consider is the soil's type and texture. By harvesting during each plant's productive season, rotating several types of plants will help you enhance quality and boost profitability.

Establish a Dog Park

Starting a dog park may be the best option for making money off the land, especially if the property is in a residential area and has no desired use. Not only can you generate extra income, but you’d be giving back to your community by providing a secure area where dogs may play. The best thing is that establishing a dog park requires minimal investment and minimal to no ongoing management expense. You'll just need to put up a simple fence and obtain a permit from your neighborhood planning commission.

Rent Out the Land for Events

If the parcel of land is big enough to accommodate a few thousand people, you should consider renting it out to event organizers. They are always on the lookout for attractive properties where they could hold festivals, rallies, weddings, and more. Your property might be exactly what they're looking for, and they will be willing to pay a hefty sum for it. Just make sure to check with the local authorities for potential restrictions and obtain all the needed licenses. 

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

Final Thoughts

A piece of land is a long-term investment that could bring you a lot of money down the road. However, if you’re looking for immediate cash flow, selling may be the best option. A cash sale can be a quick and hassle-free solution. On the other hand, if you want to keep the property, you can consider several investment opportunities to make an extra income. The best options include leasing the land to hunters, building a greenhouse, establishing a dog park, and hosting a billboard.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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