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Raise Home's Market Value By Investing in Kitchen Renovation

By Guest Author | December 16, 2015

Real estate investors are particularly choosy and rightly so because of the huge amount of money involved in buying a house. The fact that the house purchased will be a home also makes it very necessary to find the right pick. When you put your house up for sale, you expect to get the maximum value out of it and it can only attract top dollar when renovation and remodeling has been properly done.


The kitchen is one such area of the house that can increase your home value if well designed. It is therefore necessary to invest in kitchen renovation before you put up your house for sale. So what parts of the kitchen should be remodeled?


Give the kitchen a fresh classy look by choosing the right color of paint. Color is very important in setting the mood for your kitchen and you therefore need to identify the appropriate fit. Repainting the kitchen will also make it look new and increase the overall value of the house.


The kitchen backsplash should be designed to look expensive and eye-catching. Its function is no longer to just protect the kitchen walls from spills and splatter; it forms the focal point of the modern kitchen. It should be made of attractive material like expensive wood, glass, stone and metal to enhance its visibility and attractiveness.

Work space

It is important to have a great kitchen work space because everyone needs to have an easy time while cooking. You can remodel the counter tops using either the traditional or contemporary design ideas to make them look attractive and spacious. The sink and faucets should also blend well with the overall design. Try using fancy faucet designs to bring out a classy look to it.


How you design the floor of your kitchen is very important because it can influence its overall look. Whether you decide to go with tiling or a wooden floor, you need to make it look attractive. People also tend to prefer easy to clean floors because the kitchen needs to be tidy all the time and that is one area you can invest in.


You can invest in kitchen lighting by choosing expensive chandeliers that will give your kitchen a fancy look. Clever designs from the installations to the chandeliers can give it a face lift that any investor wouldn't mind paying extra cash for.

Cabinets and storage

It is important that your kitchen has enough space for storage. Invest in kitchen cabinets because most people prefer kitchens in which they can comfortably store utensils and other kitchen appliances. Select well designed cabinets with great finishing to make your kitchen look well organized and fancy.

As you consider putting up your house for sale, remember that the kitchen is the heart of the family. It therefore has to appeal to the potential buyer and that can only happen when it is well designed. Kitchen remodeling will increase your house value in the market so that you get maximum return on your investment.


About the author: Goky Brkic is a self-proclaimed interior design & renovation guru. In reality, he is an European freelance writer and blogger with great interest in home decor & remodeling. Also, he enjoys having long walks with family and ocassional off-road cycling adventures. For more info on kitchen workspace renovation, consider talking to guys from Aquasanita, the knowledgeable experts for sinks and faucets.

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