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Real Estate Marketing Automation 101

By Zack Hanebrink | December 21, 2016

Real estate marketing is changing in this automated era we live in. We now have access to more personal, faster, and better-targeted methods of getting the word out on properties. Blogging, email, and social media are creating marketing strategies that open you to a bigger audience. These methods will help you maximize the real estate leads you can generate. This is a look at what marketing automation is and the many benefits it can provide for you.

Real Estate Marketing Automation 101

In the real estate business, you must maintain a competitive position, meaning you must consistently improve your process. Marketing is an important business practice which requires a lot of your valuable time. This sometimes means it gets left to the last thing you work on as delivering results to clients has a much higher priority. This doesn't make it any less important. These are some automation tools you can use to make it work for you.

Key Benefits of Automation

Automation is going to allow you the convenience of scheduling an entire month's worth of updates, emails, and blog posts in just a few hours. These are the benefits you can expect:

● Saving money- You will no longer require multiple software solutions to keep an order of your sales efforts and marketing. Automation will give you an all-in-one fix and result in you saving money by reducing what you have to spend.

● Updates- You will know the instant a lead of yours takes action so you can respond immediately. You will be able to act on their interest before they lose it or find alternatives.

● Nuture leads- Options with automation will let you know how far along your leads are in the sales process and inform you what your next steps for marketing them are. This will allow you to nurture them and take the next step you need to in marketing.

● Integrate with CRM- Options with marketing automation are their ability to integrate with CRMs (customer relationship management databases). You will be able to store contact data, marketing tasks, and set lead follow-up reminders.

Dedication Still Required

Marketing automation for your real estate business will allow you an improvement of your website traffic, sales, and lead generation; however, your dedication to producing material is still necessary. It will be up to you to create your marketing collateral by writing your blogs, preparing your emails, and generating social media posts.

Marketing Automation Tools

These are some of the automation tools you can use to save time and make a statement in the markets you serve.

● Email Newsletters- Nurture your relationships by sending weekly or monthly e-newsletters to your list of potentials and ensure you keep regular contact with your clients and prospects.

● Text Messaging- In this era, it is not uncommon for one to carry their cell phone wherever they go. Marketers are taking advantage of this trend. Text messaging has a high rate of success that your clients will read your short message. Alert clients of new listings and you'll be surprised how quickly they'll respond with their interest.

● Social Media- Automating social media is less time consuming as it allows you to plan ahead and schedule updates. This way you are not required to keep updating and engaging all the time.

There are other online marketing automation tools to use that will not only save you time but also streamline your client's experience. Beginning with these ideas and building on your strategy will ensure your business grows as you enhance your client's experience. You will maintain that competitive position required in the real estate industry.

Author Bio:

Zack Hanebrink is the Co-Founder of HookLead, a real estate marketing agency located in Charleston, SC. Find out more at

Zack Hanebrink is the Co-Founder of HookLead, a real estate marketing agency located in Charleston, SC.
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