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Real Estate Video Marketing for Realtors & Estate Agents

By Jamie Richardson | August 21, 2020

There is no better tool to capture the nature and structure of a property than a video. Nowadays realtors and estate agents are using it as a weapon in their marketing. Here is our guide to help you build an exquisite video for your real estate marketing.

Why are Property Videos Trustworthy?

We should not let you ponder endlessly to solve the mystery. Follow below to understand why property videos are so trusted in the first place.

  • Lead Generation - It is not seldom when realtors and estate agents experience tons of false leads. It is incredibly discouraging to follow a lead for days and months only to get the most feared answer - a No. Video marketing can positively reduce the issue of false leads. A sharply produced video lets the potential client filter the listings and provides the agents with reliable leads. Agents will only need to follow the clients who are genuinely persuaded by the property.
  • Versatility - Video is popular because of its dynamic nature. The combination of audio and visual makes it a versatile tool in the realm of marketing. Using the multi-dimensional quality of a video, agents can not only showcase the property but also provide an in-depth tour. A little investment in the AR (augmented reality) or VR (virtual reality) tech could utilize the video format to its extraordinary potential.
  • Immersive Experience - As mentioned above, an AR or VR video could result in a unique and immersive experience. Clients can have the near real-life experience of visiting the actual place. Although AR/VR is comparatively more expensive than traditional video, it has the capacity to be fun and uniquely informative. Clients can experience more than a single view of the property.
  • Competition - While your competitors follow the traditional route, you can step ahead by having videos of your listings. Gone is the age of posting static photos. Videos can significantly boost any real estate agent marketing strategy with its dynamism. Unlike your competitors, your clients can get the benefit of the first visitation from anywhere. Thus, videos can help you stand out from the crowd.

What are the Types of Real Estate Video Content?

The most impressive thing about video content is — you can go beyond showing slideshows. Instead, there are numerous ways to go about displaying your properties through videos. Here you can find the types of real estate video content that are most useful.

  • Listing Video -  Listing property through a video is an excellent way to reach potential clients. You can use listing videos to showcase your properties by adding aerial footage, background music, narration, and the necessary information. Moving images can bring liveliness in the structure and the surrounding of the property. A listing video can indeed become an all-comprehensive tour of the property.
  • Interview Video - Interview videos are another means of generating more leads. With an interview video, you may positively interact with your audience. The buyers and sellers you have worked with, and other professionals in your industry that you have associated with can be the candidates for an interview video. Discussing relevant topics in the interview will build a sense of trust in the audience.
  • Community Video - A clear video with no community movement may look artificial. You can invest in a neighborhood video to capture the liveliness of the surrounding. Clients looking for residential properties may want to view the liveliness of the community. Starting from the local playground to the community library and the scenic sunset - you can add all of these to create a collage of the community. A community video can put the property in a context for the clients.
  • Live and Q&A Video - Sometimes, instead of pre-recording your videos, you can set up a live video to introduce the property. You can include a Q&A session in the video as well. As the live video runs in real-time, the audience can interact with you. You can respond to their doubts and queries directly through the video. Moreover, a live video creates a sense of authenticity in your marketing.

What are the Best Practices for Property Video Content?

It’s time for you to learn about the most effective strategies of real estate video marketing.

  • Equipment - If you want to trial the idea and see if it works, a quality smartphone camera can do the job. After getting the expected results, you can invest in high-definition cameras (DSLR or mirrorless) and videography software.
  • Providing the Details - A collage of photos and clips do not make a great video for marketing. As an agent, you should ensure that the video offers the client detailed information about the property. But, striking the sweet balance of visual and feature is also necessary. Video is not the place for showing every single faucet in the house.
  • Storytelling - A property video should provide the clients with a story. A good video will let prospective buyers see the property, not as brick and mortar, rather as their home or dream office space. Therefore, do not just inform, but describe the property and the neighborhood with storytelling.
  • The Call-to-Action - A video without proper call-to-action (CTA) is useless. A prospective buyer will want to get in touch with you if the video meets their expectation. Including a CTA will establish a bridge between you and the client. A CTA can also be the medium for the property owners to reach out to you. 
  • Distribution - When you have completed the video production, you need to find the most effective way to distribute it. Without a proper distribution strategy, a well-made video becomes pointless. Your website is the first place to put your videos. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the next goldmines for your video distribution. You can include your videos in email newsletters. 

It is crucial to keep your videos well optimized for all the websites and platforms for better discoverability. Agents often forget to keep the length of their videos in check; it can quickly become monotonous for the clients. Balancing all of these strategies is the key to an excellent video marketing strategy. All the best!

Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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