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Realtors and Their Digital Assets

By Jamie Richardson | January 5, 2021

Working as a manager in the real estate industry can be an incredibly fast-paced environment. You want to make sure that properties are listed for sale or letting as soon as possible, as this is the best way to keep clients happy and increase any profits. Likewise, you want to also keep clients updated regarding what is going on with your company, whether it involves changing a set realtor for that client, or even advising on holiday opening hours. 

Working in a Team

Since your company has become well established, you may have noticed that the number of employees keeps growing, as well as office locations. When this occurs, there may be several of you tasked to complete certain adverts or newsletters. It would also be reasonable to assume that, at some point, you may also need to take the time to train and assist new members of the team with learning the company procedures.

You can make this process easier by applying DAM software, which will allow you to share and edit the relevant files without the need for confusing email chains. Instead, you can simply alter the file permissions, to make them accessible on the Digital Asset Management system, for those who will also benefit from using and working with them - with this, you can see who made what edits and you can browse older versions and updates of the work. 

Storing Imagery

Whether you have images of houses that are currently on your website and flyers, or those that will soon be coming onto the market, you want to make sure that they are stored securely. In addition to this, you may also have other types of imagery that are used frequently, such as logos, and letter or email header and footer imaging. 

These frequently used pieces of imagery may be handled by every single member of the team at some point, including those who work from home or other locations. Being able to store your images on the database that Digital Asset Management software provides can allow you and your co-workers to have access to them even when working in remote locations. 

Updating Adverts

Often, you may find that older adverts need updating to mark a price change or even an alteration within the property information. Rather than needing to start from scratch, you can simply search for, and edit, the pre-existing content that you have stored on your DAM software. 

If your real estate agency has moved locations, you can again use this helpful tool to change address and contact details on logos and other types of business communication imagery. A DAM system that allows you to use your standard file types, such as a PDF, means that you may not need numerous programs on your computer to enable you to edit, update, and view your file, making the whole process that bit easier. 

Real estate managers understand that their work needs to be quick to keep ahead of the competition. Rather than allowing this level of work to overwhelm you, you could use a Digital Asset Management system to make some of your tasks easier, and aid the rest of your team with their work.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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