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Relocating For Work? Can’t Miss Checklist to Help You Move

By Jamie Richardson | September 13, 2019

Relocation for a job can help an individual advance quickly in their career as not all professionals are willing to do this. A great new position in an exciting city can change your quality of life in a very positive way. Picking the right apartment or home to reside in can make all of the difference. You could have been bored with your previous city so it might be wise to get into the heart of the action to learn about the city as fast as possible. Do not settle for a place simply because it is close to work as other factors need to be considered. The following are tips to picking the perfect residence in your new city whether that is an apartment or purchase of a home.


Ask For A Rent Allowance From Your Company….It can’t Hurt

Moving can be tough financially so asking for a monthly stipend to help with expenses can be a huge help. The company can deny the request but for valued employees the company will want to make this move for a new position as smooth as possible. The very least a company can do is help with moving expenses if unable or unwilling to give a rent stipend. Most people are afraid of what the company will think of them when requesting help. For companies that are appreciative a top employee decided to make a move to help themselves as well as the business, a few thousand dollars is well-worth the investment in their employee.

Distance to Entertainment Like Restaurants or Parks

The ability to walk to your favorite restaurant or bar offers convenience that people that live in the suburbs might not have. These Corktown Detroit Apartments for rent are a great example of living in the heart of the city allowing for maximum convenience and lifestyle perks. People that have children can search for parks around a specific property they are looking to rent or buy. The ability to take the children to the park a block away will allow everyone to live an active and healthy life. The kids can make friends this way as well or meet up with friends from school at the park.

Commute Time with Traffic Incorporated

The commute time in some cities can be hours like that in a city like Austin, Texas that has grown quickly without the roads being able to accommodate it. Driving in this city might not be a good idea while the same rings true in places like New York and San Francisco. The ability to walk to work can be attractive especially if finding parking is even worse than traffic during the commute. An easy test is to use Google Maps to see what the commute is during a specific time of the day. You might be surprised to find out a 15-minute drive without traffic can take up to an hour during rush hour.

List Out Features That You Will Not Compromise On

There are going to be features of your residence that you will not want to compromise on. List these out in writing so if you have a real estate professional helping you then they can narrow down options. Be realistic about these features for the budget that you have as expecting a 3-bedroom home with a pool for $800 a month is not a reality in many larger cities. Signing a 6-month lease can allow you to figure out whether a place is fit for you and your family before committing long-term. List out the features that would be nice but can live without as well. You might find you can check most of the boxes on your list if you look for a home/apartment long enough.

Ask Coworkers Where They Would Want To Live

Your coworkers are going to be a great resource as they know the city as well as anyone as they reside there. The coworkers that you hang out with might be able to be in your permanent social circle even if you do not end up working at the company long-term but stay in the city. Take the advice you receive carefully as a recent grad might think the party side of town is great while the parent with multiple children has a far different opinion. This can even help with carpooling if this is something that you want to opt to do.

The ability to relocate for a job can help your career as well as add some adventure to your life. Do not impact your experience negatively by rushing to rent or buy a place without doing the proper research. The last thing anyone wants to do is rent a home in a dangerous section of a city with their family. Take time to use the above tips in order to pick the home/apartment that will allow you to truly experience and enjoy your new city.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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