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Relocating your business soon? Pay attention to these mistakes

By Jamie Richardson | April 24, 2019

Moving day is almost here. Business relocation offers opportunities for acquiring more room, lowering operating costs, and upgrading the facilities. Moving your company abroad will transform your profits. If you are planning to set up all your business operations in a different place, it is important not to neglect certain details. While relocation is an excellent move for the company, it requires a lot of planning. Relocation mistakes are common, but, fortunately, they are completely avoidable. To ensure the smooth transition from point A to point B, avoid the following mistakes at all costs.

Incomplete budgeting

Poor budgeting can lead to extra costs. Moving a business from one location to the other involves costs that exceed the expenditure of physically moving the contents of the office. Set up a budget that includes the pre-moving expenditures and the expenses following the move. When starting a business in a new place, you have to handle various startup costs including permits and licenses, construction and renovation, utilities, etc. If you do not have enough time on your hands, appoint a project manager. They will handle everything from creating the budget to communicating with the employees. Pay attention to the law. There are several rights and responsibilities entrepreneurs are entitled to before, during, and after the business relocation.

Forgetting about technology

So, you have found the perfect place. You might not want to forget about the IT relocation. You cannot turn off the computers, move the IT equipment and hope for the best. Meet with the IT staff and talk about the new office setup. This should be accomplished in the months leading up to the big move. If the network infrastructure is out-of-date, it is a good idea to purchase new equipment. In addition to hardware and software purchasing, think about returning the IT and phone equipment that you are no longer using. There will not be enough room in the new office for all the technical equipment. When moving to a new location, your needs change. Take into account your telecom needs, ensure the cabling and wiring will support the IT infrastructure, and create a plan for a more efficient business structure.

Relocating without professional help

You are so excited about the new location that you might have not even thought of asking for help. Relocating is a demanding undertaking and you could use some assistance. If you are considering Switzerland’s business scene, you need to know that business relocation to Switzerland has never been easier thanks to corporate movers. It is a smart move to hire professionals when deciding to relocate. Specialists transfer employees, their families, and entire departments. Basically, you will be able to move the business without losing productivity. The resettlement activities are managed well. Specialists carry out market analysis, offer legal support during the relocation process, accompany clients to meetings with the competent authorities, get work and residence permits, search for commercial sites, and manage the project from beginning to end. Corporate movers are committed to quality and constantly try to improve the quality of the services provided. The point is that you can have peace of mind, as the specialists will manage every aspect involved in relocation.

Neglecting your online presence

Websites and social media platforms are extraordinary marketing tools. Businesses that have an online presence can easily reach potential customers, showcase the best they have to offer, not to mention that they can build relationships with people. Update the information on your website and social media platforms while you’re moving. You have to move your online presence too. Provide the address and phone number of your new location. Equally important is to optimize the meta descriptions so that the local organic traffic will keep coming your way. At least make sure to change the title and meta description of the homepage. This way you will avoid losing Google rankings when moving your business address. If English is not the main language where you are going, you might want to translate your website. Using Google translate is not a good idea. Hire a translation company. A bad translation will not make a good impression.

Not offering employees or their families support

Relocation is a hard process for the employer, as for the employees. The members of the team have to leave everything behind and start a new life. It is even more difficult when a person has a significant other or a family. You are asking employees to pack up their life for you, so you should better offer them the necessary support. Make sure that everything is taken care of. If you are moving the company headquarters to, say, Switzerland, prepare the team members for the new place. Learn what the best places are for families and young professionals. Additionally, see what aspects of the relocation are tax-deductible. The process will go efficiently if you hire professional movers. The experts will evaluate all tax-related aspects and more. This includes acquiring work and residence permits and project management.

Not insuring your possessions

Moving insurance is not exactly insurance. More precisely, in case your belongings get damaged or become lost during transport, you are only partially reimbursed. You are lucky if you can get 60% for each item. What do you do if the movers accidentally destroy a valuable piece of technical equipment? It is very important to insure your valuables. Get the office equipment insured. Have business insurance that includes transit clauses. You will not have to worry about a thing. Insurance covers the possessions on your premises that can get damaged in the case of an unfortunate event like a fire or a flood. The cover is not limited to office items. If you have things that are paramount for your trade, they need cover. If you are, for instance, a tradesperson that relies on tools, it is well worth insuring them.  

An efficient business relocation approach will help you handle unexpected challenges, make the transition process a seamless one, and get everything running smoothly in the nick of time.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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