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Five Things Renters Should Not Overlook

By Guest Author | February 4, 2013

Renting is an ideal option for those who enjoy exploring new cities or have recently moved to a new area, as it allows a great insight about the benefits and drawbacks of living in an area without the long-term commitment of owning a home. However, with many rental leases calling for a yearlong agreement, renters must consider several things that could ultimately add to or detract from the renting experience.


Read the following top five overlooked things to consider when signing a lease.

  1. Laundry is a situation that varies on the type of rental property. Rental complexes with several units can offer coin operated shared washing facilities or hookups within each unit. If there are hookups consider the cost of purchasing a washer and dryer if they are not included. When laundry facilities are offered in a common area, consider if they are easily accessible in all types of weather or if climbing stairs with laundry is something that fits into your lifestyle.
  2. Refrigerators are another big appliance that is not always included in a rental. Some may see the lack of this essential appliance as a deal breaker, but remember that purchasing a secondhand model online offers an affordable option. For those unsure if they will be staying in the area past the length of the lease, reselling the appliance can be done just as easily.
  3. Proximity of neighbors and the materials separating the units can make or break a tranquil home environment. There are rentals which are detached, but the majority of rentals will involve neighbors next door and possible even on other floors. Opting for an upstairs unit gets rid of hearing noise overhead, and there are many units which use noise cancelling materials and firewalls between units that make living with neighbors much easier.
  4. Storage can be another issue, especially for single renters looking for a modest sized place. Even if the rental does not offer up loads of closets, there are many ways to add in storage space. Furniture such as benches that offer storage space inside are always great picks, as are the multitude of organizational tricks to be found on lifestyle websites such as Pinterest. With inexpensive home décor shops in most big cities and an abundance of online options selling space saving furnishings, the modern renter can live in a studio apartment without ever feeling cramped.
  5. Outdated décor can send many renters running for more stylish suites, but there could be an incredible opportunity to make updates while saving money. Ask the landlord if you do work such as painting, making small repairs, and updating finishes if you can receive an agreed upon discount on rent. Many will be happy to work with renters on finding a deal that works for both parties. A whole month rent free might be hard for a landlord, whereas splitting it up over two months, with you paying 50% each month,  would give you the same break but make it easier for the landlord financially.

These five things can easily be overlooked when focusing on location and price, but will factor greatly into how the rental will work for you. Taking them into consideration beforehand can save both money and frustration down the road.

Darren Kolman contributed this guest post on behalf of – a guide with apartment people reviews. Darren is a real estate consultant and freelance writer. His articles mainly appear on property blogs.

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