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Role of Training & Development in the Success of Any Organization

By Jamie Richardson | April 27, 2022

Employee training is one of the key investments organizations make to upskill their employees and make them more competent. These days, due to rapid changes in technology, organizations need to train their employees more often than ever before. But many organizations are still skeptical of offering training more often as they are not sure of the ROI. 

Along with the ROI issue, there is also the problem many employers feel that the employees miss the work hours if they spend time on training. Some organizations believe that employees will get familiar with their work as they spend more time doing their job. But, it does not work every time as in some cases the employees may get stuck with their work which would hamper productivity and also affect their confidence. Although there are some drawbacks to training, the positive aspects overshadow the negative side.

Training your employees helps to improve their productivity, retain top talent and it’s also linked to the company’s financial performance as well. Training your employees sends a positive message across the organization that you care about and value the growth of your employees.  We have listed down a few points to help you better with why training is important for your organization.

1)Employee retention:

Retaining your top talent is one of the biggest tasks for any organization. An employee who has been with the organization for a while and knows the culture is hard to replace. 

You also need to invest in training the new hires which is a very costly investment. So, the organizations should bring down the employee turnover rate as much as possible. It hugely helps the organization in the long run. Training existing employees makes more sense from an investment point of view as they are already accustomed to the way things happen in your organization. Training can help your organization squeeze out more valuable work from your existing resources, thus delivering a better ROI.

2)Address skill gaps:

Not every employee is perfect, some of them have their weaknesses. If you can conduct a survey and find out about the skills that your employees lack, you can address those with employee training. Depending on the skill gaps, you can offer personalized courses. Offering personalized courses is made easy with tools like LMS software that helps to create deliver customized eLearning experiences. You can create, manage, and deliver your online training effectively with the help of an LMS. 

3)Better employee performance:

It's obvious when you identify skill gaps and offer training opportunities accordingly, your employees can perform better at their job. The training also helps the employees to boost their confidence as it helps to equip them with better skills and resources. This confidence can help them push further and learn more.

Offering continuous learning opportunities can help your employees to stay updated with cutting-edge developments in their industry. Employees who are technically sound can help your organization grow even further.

4)Employee satisfaction:

The other important benefit of training and development is employee satisfaction. An employee who is learning both from his/her job experience and through training is generally more focused and happy. They can contribute more to the organization if they update their skills consistently. Through training, employees can explore new things in their job or even switch to more valuable job roles within the organization, if provided with the right training opportunities. If they consistently go up the ladder in their professional career, they are bound to feel more satisfied with their jobs.

5)Boosts engagement:

If your employees are not engaged with their work, they feel bored which might have lots of adverse effects. Training gives them an opportunity to engage their brain with something that can help them grow in their job. This helps them experience something new and fresh apart from the regular work they do. It also helps employers to review and analyze the existing talent as well.

6)Boosts collaboration:

Providing new courses to your employees helps them to explore new topics and discuss their doubts with their peers. During these learning sessions, your employees can tackle a few problems together which helps to create a bond between them. This forms a base for their future collaborations. They can also turn to each other when in trouble and solve problems together. These employee collaborations during learning can improve retention and engagement.

How to create an effective training program?

Now that you are aware of its various benefits, it’s time to know how you can design an effective training program. The first thing you need to do is find out what skills do the employees need so that they can help themselves and the organization grow at the same time. Then employers can plan the training program based on the employees’ learning styles and interests.

  • Identify skill gaps: Training should add some value to your employees, if they learn something they are already good at wouldn’t fetch you anything. Thus, ensure you provide relevant training which would also impact the business growth as well.
  • Select learning methods: There are different learning methods like classroom learning, eLearning, simulations, roleplaying and mentoring, etc. Conduct a survey and find out what your employees prefer. These days because of remote learning, you need many tech tools at your disposal to ensure you can even offer remote training effectively. Tools such as online forums, video conferences, webinars, etc would help in delivering the remote training.
  • Assess the outcomes: Without a proper plan and direction, you are reaching nowhere. So, you need to have some fixed set of outcomes in your mind that you want to achieve after the completion of the course. This can be a great parameter in finding out the success rate of the training program.


Employee training is one of the best ways to upskill your employees and grow the business. It is hard to ignore as it has countless benefits. With technology, employers can conduct employee training online with a limited budget and even offer a personalized learning experience. We hope this article helps you to understand the role that employee training plays in the success of the organization.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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