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Rotating and static proxy – where to find a good one?

By Jamie Richardson | October 3, 2022

Not all countries allow people to browse the Web freely. If you are a real estate owner or want to buy a home in another country to move into, you will need a proxy, because:

  • if there is a need to bypass blocking to visit real estate agencies of another country, see their prices and compare them to agencies in your town;
  • if you are moving and want to work in the real estate industry, you still will have to use a proxy for analysis of real estate agencies from other countries;
  • if you are a real estate owner, you will need the proxy to look for prices from other countries and see whether the cost of your estate will be as attractive and affordable for potential buyers as in their own country. 

That is why proxies are created – to save your money, time and patience and have access to almost any website. But what is the difference between a regular (static) and rotating proxy? Is it better or worse? Where to find the best rotating proxy? In the given link, you can find more details about the technical side of the subject, in case you don’t want to read the whole thing.

What rotating proxy does 

The main purpose of a proxy is to change your IP address to get your real one. Think about IP addresses as your personal contact information with your home address, name, phone number, and so on. 

Rotating proxy is a technology that changes IP address each time you open a new page. This means if you open a new tab or make another request, it creates a different IP for each action. Unlike a static proxy with a rotating one, you will get enhanced security. It is because each request from the user changes their location and IP address.

You should also know about what service provider to choose. The process of picking a trustworthy provider is actually simple. All you have to do is follow some rules:

  • make a list of the most heard proxy providers – the more famous a developer is, the lesser chance that the company stayed afloat after some scandals or data leakage;
  • read reviews about proxy provider services – do they correlate with reality, what if some users didn’t get what they were assigned for, you will have to figure it out;
  • read proxy providers' promo, list of services, and pricing list – that is how you will find out if you will find what you seek here.

For example, you can do research on the SOAX company. We gave you a link to SOAX at the beginning of the article. 

Where can you find good proxy providers?

There are four pricing plans, both for WI-FI and mobile proxy. You can read about SOAX on Trustpilot or many other review platforms. They promise you proxies from each corner of the world, high security, and unlimited sessions. Check it out for yourself and see whether it is worth it.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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