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Secrets To Finding The Best Real Estate Inheritance Leads

By Jamie Richardson | November 9, 2018

When someone dies, and probate occurs, it is possible that one of the recipients of the estate will receive a home. It is also possible that this person may simply want to cash out on the house. These are the people that you will want to contact in order to get what could be a fantastic deal. Real estate inheritance leads are among the most popular leads that are purchase today. That is because of the high probability that you will be able to get a deal on a home from someone that will take your offer seriously. Whether you are a realtor, or simply an investor, you can't go wrong with real estate leads for those that have received a home as a part of their inheritance. If you would like to obtain these leads on your own, here is the secret to finding the best real estate inheritance leads that can help you make a substantial profit.

What Are Real Estate Inheritance Leads?
It is common knowledge that when someone passes, this will be publicized. Additionally, there may be advertisements about a probate sale for a home that was once owned by the deceased. These are homes that can lead to a large amount of profit for people that are willing to contact these grieving individuals. In some cases, they are ready and willing to sell the home right away because they are only interested in the cash and not the house they have inherited. These leads will lead you directly to the people that you need to contact in order to make your offer.

Where Can You Obtain These Leads?
You can obtain these leads from a multitude of companies that specialize in gathering leads of all different types. In the midst of all of those, you will see listings for real estate inheritance leads. You can buy them and download them, usually within minutes. Once you do, you will need to start contacting these people about a house that they may have inherited. In some cases, the leads will direct you to the executor of the will. If they are the person that is responsible for dispersing the deceased person's property, they might be the exact individual that you need to talk to in order to buy the home.

Can You Save Money When Purchasing These Leads?
Saving money on these leads can be done in three different ways. First of all, you can purchase leads that are a week old, or perhaps older, for a discounted price. This is not a top option because hundreds of people may have already purchase them, and may be contacting everyone on the list. The second option is to compare the prices of leads that are sold by different companies to see who is offering the best deal. Finally, you can save a lot of money by placing your own advertisements to capture the leads. If this is something you know how to do, this might be the best choice when trying to find these people.

Can You Obtain These On Your Own?
Obtaining these leads on your own is not very difficult to do. Most people use the Internet for this purpose. They will often place ads on Google and Facebook, and other locations, in order to attract people that have inherited a home. They will be sent to a landing page where they can enter in their personal information which will include their name, phone number, and their email. If they have taken the time to fill out this form, requesting a meeting with you, they will likely want to talk to you about you purchasing the house for cash.

What Is The Secret To Finding The Best Real Estate Inheritance Leads?
There are couple strategies that work very well when you are trying to approach these individuals. The secret to having them fill out the form, and provide you with their contact info, is to target them through social media. For example, you can place advertisements that are targeting people that are talking about the death of a loved one, probate, or inheritance. When these words are triggered, your advertisement will show up, and they will have the option of filling out your form. If this seems to complex, or if you have no experience with the Internet, you might want to do this with regular classifieds. In the same way, when they see your advertisement they may be prompted to fill out the form in order to make initial contact. Finally, if none of this sounds appealing, or you don't have the budget to do this type of advertising, you can simply purchase leads from a lead generation business. If you already purchase leads from a company, they may have these available. If not, you can always find a company that will be willing to sell you the ones that they have currently gathered.

How To Close The Deal After Contacting These Individuals
Closing the deal is not as hard as you would imagine. It depends on the focus of the person involved. For example, if this is a direct family member that had close ties to the deceased, they may actually want to live there in the house if it is free and clear. On the other hand, if the house was willed to someone that lives in a completely different area of the country, they will definitely want to sell it fast. If you are the first person to make an offer, you might be the lucky individual that gets to purchase this home for what could be a discounted price.

If you have never used real estate inheritance leads before, you might be amazed at what you will be able to do. There are literally thousands of these homes at any given time, waiting to be sold to you. Your job is to gather this information, either on your own, or by working with a lead generation company. If you choose to work with a business that gathers this information regularly, this could save you a lot of time, and put you into contact with someone that will have a real estate deal that you simply can't pass up.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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