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Secure Your House with These Easy-to-Install and Inexpensive Devices

By Jamie Richardson | June 3, 2019

Most of the home security companies lock consumers into a multiyear contract. This is not a bad thing. However, if you prefer monitoring your house on an optional basis, and cancel any time without any fees and hidden charges, here is a list of do-it-yourself and inexpensive security systems.

Pin Locks

If you have double hung windows, install a pin lock in every window. These pin locks are so affordable. It usually costs at least two bucks each. It is also easy to place. Drill two holes in the window. The first one is to lock the window closed. The second one is to secure the window and leave it partly open for ventilation.

Patio Door Lock

According to surveys, patio doors are commonly left open by many homeowners; hence, it is regarded by many burglars as an easy way to make an entrance. To ensure safety, install a second patio door lock. You can easily place a heavy duty stick in the door, and this will already bar the door closed.

You can also utilize auxiliary security locks. They are typically fastened at the bottom of the door. These locks include bolts that are used to hold the door secure. The bolts usually fit in the grommets. You can also attach similar locks at the top of the door.

Plywoods and 2x4s

Flimsy old wooden garage entry doors have weak center panels, so they are easy to be shut down by many thieves. Do not add deadbolts as it will just worsen the situation. Instead, add ½-inch plywood as a reinforcement panel and bar it with 2x4s attached in bar holder brackets.

Fake Cameras

Intruders know that they are being watched so video cameras, regardless real or fake, are deterrents as long as they believe the cameras are actual. Most burglars will not exert efforts to figure out if the cameras are real.

To make a fake camera look believable, tie a coaxial cable to the fake power cable from the camera. You can drill another hole in the mounting bracket and glue the cable into the area. Place it near doors and windows.

You can purchase fake cameras at any online or local stores. Do not use that smoked glass dome style, instead use that more traditional-looking unit. Also, do not activate flashing lights because real cameras do not have lights.

Anti-jacking Screws

Drill two three-inch long anti-jacking screws at the top track and header above a window or sliding door. These screws prevent intruders from prying a door up. Make sure to leave behind enough space to allow the doors or windows to be opened or closed, but not be raised off the track by any burglars.

Edge Guard

Intruders can quickly enter a house just by a few kinds or body blows through the doors or windows even with deadbolts. You can strengthen your doorjamb through installing longer strike plate screws that are fastened into the stud behind the jamb.

Detach one existing screw. Replace it if it is shorter than three inches. If you prefer greater doorjamb security, install a six-inch long heavy-duty strike plate. You need to mortise a larger opening and drill six three-inch screws.

If you cannot drive in long screws and your door butts up to a sidelight, you should purchase and use a long doorjamb reinforcement plate that measures 48 inches. Ultimately, install edge guards which can prevent doors from splitting due to a sudden blow, reinforcing exterior doors. Make sure to get the measurement of the door’s thickness and backset before buying.

Wireless Door and Window Alarms

In terms of defense, installing wireless alarms is the second step you need to do after ensuring all your house doors and windows are shut. Place these alarms in spots, which are hidden, dark, and where you do not usually gather.

These alarms are typically economical. For 200 bucks, you can already purchase a professional grade wireless alarm system from many online shops and home centers. Also, it is essential to check the full system review of the alarms before purchasing them.

Often, burglars do not like noises. Once activated, these alarms produce piercing shriek that can send intruders away. If you are the one who will open the doors and windows, these alarms have delay features, which can give you a chance to set the alarm and deactivate the unit when you arrive home.


If burglars get in, a possible and worst scenario, there are many ways to do to cut your losses. For instance, do not leave cash in your bedrooms, or use a jewelry box with a luxurious look and fill it with inexpensive jewelry. However, the most important to do is take steps to secure your home now.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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