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Selling or renting my apartment in Barcelona. Which one is more profitable?

By Jamie Richardson | December 7, 2020

As an owner of an apartment, it is normal that you have thought about how you could get the most out of the property. If you live in Barcelona, or any other major city, you have probably already asked yourself this question.

If you are wondering whether it is more profitable to sell or rent your apartment in Barcelona, the first step is to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

When is the best moment to sell an apartment? Or rent it? In this article, we will simulate both scenarios so that you can make a decision and start calculating the profitability of each option. 

Advantages of renting your apartment in Barcelona

Long term rentals in Barcelona have always been the most preferred option in this city. Many people do not have a stable income, which is essential to get enough money to pay off a loan.

Therefore, renting a property is a less risky alternative that provides access to affordable but temporary housing. It is often the choice made by students or young graduates, near the university or in the most fashionable neighborhoods such as Gràcia, Sant Antoni, or Eixample.

For property owners, renting your apartment out has the following advantages: 

  1. Monthly income: it is an important income supplement, the rent is collected monthly. Many times, it is used to cover the expenses of the monthly installments of the credit of the apartment.
  2. Tax advantages: owners who rent their apartment as their main residence can benefit from a 60% tax deduction. For the moment, this tax advantage is reserved for resident owners, however, the European Commission asked Spain in March 2019 to adopt this law for non-residents. Therefore, this is a matter to follow.
  3. You don't lose the net value: even if you rent your apartment, its net value will remain the same. This is a good choice if you plan to inherit your property. 
  4. Simplified management: nowadays, renting an apartment is much easier and faster than selling it. If you are in a hurry to leave your property, renting will undoubtedly be the fastest and most flexible option. 
  5. Bank guarantee: if you need to apply for a loan in the future, even if your apartment is rented, it can also be used as a bank guarantee. 
  6. Long-term earnings: you can get an additional monthly income permanently. 
  7. Constant maintenance: having a rented property means keeping it in good condition, limiting the risk of theft and damage, and avoiding illegal occupation.
  8. Re-evaluation of the apartment: your apartment may have lost value over time. With monthly rent, you can gradually improve your facilities to obtain better rent in the future and a better evaluation of your apartment. 

How to rent my apartment

After reading this analysis, if you think that the best option for you is to rent your apartment in Barcelona,, we recommend you to contact the services of a professional. 

Someone who will correctly evaluate your property, taking into account the surface area, square meters, and characteristics of the apartment. Professionals can provide you with a complete evaluation of the property according to their knowledge of the market and trends to find the right value. Be careful! Find a trusted expert and never let a risk expert do this task. 

Therefore, the best way to start is to contact a real estate agency in Barcelona, which at first sight may seem like an expense, but in the long term is the most practical and secure choice to obtain a safe return on your property.

Advantages of selling your apartment in Barcelona

Now we will list to you the main advantages of selling your property in Barcelona. We must take into account that it is important to be aware of the real estate market and know how to identify the ideal moment to start.

Without further preambles, these are the advantages of selling your apartment: 

  1. Immediate benefit: if you want a financial liquidation urgently, this is the best option for you, the day you sign the contract, you can receive a sum of money.
  2. Zero maintenance: once you get rid of all this furniture or once your apartment is sold, you will never have to worry about maintenance again. It will become the responsibility of the new owner.
  3. No more long term expenses: forget again about paying community fees or unexpected expenses!
  4. Tax advantages: if you sell your property to buy another one, you can benefit from tax advantages both in the income tax return and in the credit application.

How to sell my apartment

Taking into account all the steps to follow, it is always recommended to do the processes with a real estate team. They will advise you every step of the way. In addition to saving a lot of time from the complex procedures, it also ensures no mistakes are made and the property is sold at its fair value. 

Without a doubt, selling and renting your apartment in Barcelona is an important decision. We strongly recommend you surround yourself with a team of professionals, whatever your choice.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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