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Selling Your House Online: Pros vs. Cons

By Guest Author | November 3, 2015

In the past, selling a property tended to follow a single specific format. Although some people chose to handle their own sale, the majority approached high street estate agents, and trusted the professionals to do the job for them.


Today, the world of house buying and selling is very different to how it was even ten years ago. Everything has become digitized, from dating to connecting with friends to shopping, so it should come as little surprise that the property market has seen the same shift.

As a result, many online property agents have emerged. A lot of these companies have developed a fantastic reputation for selling properties quickly, simply, and cost-effectively, helping them to generate a wide following amongst professional and experienced sellers.

With a spreading reputation and a history of success, their appeal is now beginning to attract the attention of ordinary property owners. If you’re thinking of selling and wondering whom to turn to, here are a few points on online property agents that you might like to consider:



A Wider Audience Will See Your Property

One of the great lures of selling through an online estate agent is that a wide audience of people will see your property. Unlike traditional alternatives, which may only recommend your home to those who physically venture into their premises, anyone looking to buy in your area will be able to find the listing online. The more people that see your house, the more likely you are to secure a sale.

You’ll Spend Less

A lot of people are concerned by the financial costs of selling, and no one wants to pay over the odds for a service. Although we all understand that professionals have to earn a living and can’t cut corners, we’d still like some bang for our buck, and online estate agents deliver exactly that. Companies like House Network can help you to make some phenomenal savings, so online entities are well worth exploring for the financially savvy.

You’ll Sell Quickly

An added boon is that online estate agents have a reputation for helping to deliver a quick sale. The reason for this is simple: a huge volume of people will be able to see your property, and the more people who are aware of it, the more likely you are to find a suitable buyer.



A High Street Agent May Have a Better Understanding of Your Local Area

Of course, online estate agents are not without their flaws. Some people prefer to use a more traditional service, and one of the reasons for this is that high street agents often have a better understanding of your local area – an especially useful trait for those looking to sell unusual or specialist properties. It’s very helpful to have someone who understands what they’re looking at, and knowledge of your region and locale are advantageous in this regard.

The Service You Receive May Feel Less Personal

Perhaps the primary reason for some people still preferring to use high street professionals is that the service they deliver feels more personal. Being able to sit down face to face with the experts and talk them through the sale you want can be highly desirable for some sellers, and if a close professional relationship is important to you, then an online agent might not suit your needs.

How would you feel about using an online agent to negotiate your sale?


About the author: Ben Beard is a contributing writer for Realty Biz News

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