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SEO for Real Estate Investors

By Eric Jeanette | February 25, 2020

SEO for Real Estate Investors

The real estate industry has stepped away from its traditional ways and became one of the early adopters of modern technology and digital marketing strategies. Innovations, such as virtual reality (VR) tours of properties is just an example of how far the real estate industry has come in just a few years.

More and more real estate investors are following in the digital footsteps in an effort to make bot themselves and their businesses more exposure. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play.

A lot of people have at least heard about what SEO is and what it can do. However, most of them aren't really sure how to use it and what their business stands to gain from it.

Well, we are here to eliminate that uncertainty and explain both how to use this cost-effective strategy and how most real estate investors will benefit from using SEO to its fullest potential. Therefore, here is an SEO 101 guide for real estate investors.

The Importance of a Well-Optimized Website

As you may already know, SEO is about boosting visibility, awareness and exposure for your website, as well as for driving unpaid, organic traffic to it. Consumers will search for relevant terms in search engines and ranking well on such search engines means that your company will be easily findable and accessible to consumers.

The easier it's for consumers to find you, the greater the chances of them opting for your services. However, to rank well on search engines, such as Google, you'll need a well-optimized website. Here are a few things you should do to have such a website:

  • Choose a relevant domain name and hosting provider.
  • Make sure your website is fast and that your pages load fast.
  • Use well-designed and stunning images and videos but also make sure they are well-optimized.
  • Ensure user-friendliness and ease of navigation on your website.
  • Implement a responsive design to make your pages mobile-friendly.
  •  Include a lot of high-quality content that is educational and informative.
  • Ensure that your website is easy to crawl by search engines so that it can be indexed properly.

The more optimized your website is, the higher it will rank on search engines. The main benefit of this is improved visibility and a lot more qualified leads visiting your website.


The essence of every SEO strategy is keywords. Keywords match the context of your web pages with that of user intent and help search engines understand what the content on your pages is all about. That's why keyword research is vital for a proper SEO strategy.

However, if you've never conducted that kind of research, you should know that there isn't much room for a mistake. You must opt for the most relevant keywords that will benefit your business and drive as many leads to your website as possible.

Fortunately, you don't have to be an expert in the field to make the best of it. In fact, you can always opt for a trustworthy white label SEO service.

In other words, you can partner up with an experienced agency that can take all the SEO efforts off your back while you focus on establishing a relationship with your clients. Any SEO activity can be white labeled so don't hesitate to seek expert aid if you're not sure that you can manage on your own.

Social Media

Social media presence can complement your SEO efforts in many ways. Although social signals don't have an impact on search rankings, they can still contribute to your visibility, brand awareness, exposure and many other factors that are extremely beneficial for your real estate business.

This is especially true if you're following a guide to branding and you're in the process of establishing your brand presence both on social media and other relevant channels. Therefore, social media can be a great source for inbound links, content marketing, guest posting and other essential off-page SEO activities.

Quality content and backlinks count as ranking factors as long as they're on relevant sources, and social media is considered to be one of the most relevant sources today. Moreover, social media can also be a great source for a lot of organic traffic for your website.

Content Marketing

Content is king in the marketing world and it's also the most important ranking factor when it comes to SEO. Consumers prefer to do research before they decide to do anything else while search engines consider customer experience to be of vital importance.

Content encompasses both of these factors. In other words, content can educate, entertain and inform consumers while ensuring seamless customer experience. However, the content you produce must be top-quality and highly relevant to your consumers.

In this case, your content should help consumers get familiarized with real estate properties, the growth potential of various areas, trends that influence the price of properties and so on. Content can also boost your credibility and authority, thus making you an industry expert and a trustworthy source that consumers can turn to.

SEO for investors is both vital and mandatory today. The market is highly competitive and SEO can be the best way to gain a competitive advantage. Moreover, the benefit of increased visibility, credibility, awareness and exposure will help your business grow and develop further.

About the author โ€“ Eric Jeanette started as a Realtor in 1993 and eventually transitioned to lending. His companies Dream Home Financing and FHA Lenders provide mortgage information and education to consumers. They also provide those same consumers with a free lender match service through a network of lenders for conventional, FHA/government, subprime, self-employed and many other niche loan programs.
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