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Showing Your Home to Buyers? How to Stage It to Look More Elegant

By Hannah Whittenly | July 15, 2018

You might love your home and think it looks great, but if you’re trying to sell it, you have to look at it with a more critical eye. Prospective home buyers are going to have high expectations. When you show your home, you need to really be thinking about how to give it true flair. Here are some tips for staging your home to make it look more elegant.

Clean up
It should go without saying that cleaning up your home is essential, whether or not you’re selling it. However, there’s a difference between cleaning up dirt and picking up debris and cleaning up for a showing. For the latter, you really need to make your house look immaculate. You can start off by doing an initial cleaning to get things looking orderly. Then, you need to make the harder decisions. How can you make your home look more elegant? Maybe you can get rid of some tacky decorations in your bathroom. Maybe you can take down paintings that are cluttering the walls. Think like someone who is buying a home and remember that some sacrifices are necessary.

You don’t just need these for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. Flowers can immensely add to the appeal of a room and home. Look for a colorful bouquet that will stand out as soon as visitors enter. It shouldn’t be so loud that it’s impossible to focus on anything else, though. Go to a florist and ask for their opinion on which flowers will work best for your intentions.

Kitchen Decor
Your kitchen can be one of the biggest influencers when it comes to selling people on your home. It should be spacious, with plenty of great appliances, and excellent decor. For decoration, considering hanging top-of-the-line cookware. A copper saucepan hanging up can really impress home buyers.

The minimalist lifestyle has really taken off in recent years. This is definitely something to keep in mind when showing a house. You want to give as much space to your home as possible so that potential buyers can envision their own goals for it. Don’t have things cluttering your home. Put away excessive items and let the walls, counters, and floors really speak for themselves.

Don’t think that making your home look more elegant means that it loses its character. You want to make it elegant on your terms, no one else’s. This guide is meant to help you give your home the best visual appeal possible, in order to help it sell.

About the author: Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.
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    1. Displaying a bouquet of flowers when staging a home not only improves the look, it can improve the smell as well. At Rachel Cho Floral Design, we recommend bringing in fresh flowers to dress up a home to sell.

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