Small Kitchen Improvements that Make a Big Impact

For those who love to cook and entertain a small kitchen can throw a serious wrench in enjoying your home. Whether you suffer from a galley kitchen or just plain poor storage space making room for your craft can be a tough business. Fortunately there are some small improvements that you can make to your kitchen that pack a big punch.

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Smart Storage

Anyone who loves to cook knows that it takes more than a blender and some random handheld appliances to really flex your culinary muscles. So fitting all of your various gadgets and doo-dads into a small kitchen isn’t just a wish, it’s a necessity. When engaged in battle with a souffle one must have everything needed at hand!

For this reason (and because bread makers and soup pots piled on top of the fridge is not this season’s prime decorating statement) implementing extra storage space is absolutely essential. Make the most of your cabinet space by adding extra storage to the interior of doors or in the cabinets themselves by using baskets.

You might also rethink using that precious space for items more traditionally kept in cabinets, such as dishes. In particularly if you have a nice set of matching dishes or aesthetically pleasing glassware you might display them on shelving on the walls. This touch looks much nicer than adding shelves full of your pots and pans instead.

Think Up!

A chief mistake made by many homeowners inhabiting a small space is installing storage options that go out instead of up. Imagine all of the space wasted by empty walls! Instead of adding bulky storage units such as book shelves or extra cabinets utilize your wall space with compact units that are tall as opposed to wide or shelving. This will save your floor space while adding a ton of storage without swallowing the room.

There are plenty of blogs online detailing crafty, trendy and space conscious storage solutions that won’t break your budget. For instance, check out this blog about making a spice rack from little more than scrap materials.

While we might all dream of a giant gourmet kitchen worthy of Emeril’s skills for some homeowners it’s simply not in the cards without a major renovation. For those who don’t have the money for knocking out walls or adding rooms making due in a small kitchen in just reality. With these and other tips you can make your peace with a small space.

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