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Social media is way to keep clients in mind and LinkedIn is a great networking tool

By Guest Author | August 5, 2015

According to a 2013/2014 National Realtors Association survey, 91 percent of real estate agents nationwide use social media for their business and 42 percent use Facebook for their house listings.


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Compare that to 33 percent of realtors in a 2008, and it is clear social media is needed more than ever to connect with customers. Facebook and LinkedIn were the most used social media channels, with 75 percent and 71 percent, respectively.

For realtors who want to keep their clients in mind first and network using LinkedIn, what is the best approach? One way to be a friendly reminder to potential clients, without being a nuisance is to stop the spam mail. No one likes spam mail and your clients are more likely to hit the delete button if you are sending out mass emails with generic information.

If you want to keep them in mind, send them something valuable. It is easy to use client management software to track the clients you’ve contacted. One great software program for this is Zendesk, which allows you to set up an editorial schedule with ease.

In them in mind by keeping them in sight

Offer clients seminars, which they can attend. Clients may be much more likely to come to you for their next house, if they feel you can and they have already formed a connection. Offering the seminars is one way you can give customers something of value; it is also important that you establish yourself as being an expert in your field.

You may be using social media to reach clients, but remember LinkedIn is better used as a networking tool among your peers. Save the house listings for Facebook and use LinkedIn to build a network of other real estate experts and as a place potential customers can find information. It is okay to post a blog article you have written, but do not make LinkedIn all about you – share blogs, other inspirations sources with everyone. Do not forget to post in LinkedIn. The great thing about LinkedIn is that the public can see your posts. If they are not a member of your group, they can still see your post and contact you. It is a great way to grow your network and establish yourself as an expert.

Laura A. is a Realty Biz News Contributor.

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