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5 Tips for Staging Your Home to Get the Best Price

By Carmen Guzlas | February 16, 2013

Taking the time to stage your home before you show it can help you to significantly increase the final sales price. Staging your home helps by allowing the homeowner to show off its best features,  helping buyers see the potential of the space. With the right staging, you can transform a dull space into an exciting one, making it a must-have buy.

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While  you can certainly hire a professional stager for your home to make a significant profit, if you're working on a budget you can stage your home yourself.

Here are 5 tips for staging your home to make the highest sale you can:

Put On a Fresh Coat of Neutral Paint

You may have been thrilled over those neon green walls in your kitchen, but not many buyers are going to share your taste. It is best to put a fresh coat of neutral paint on all your walls so that the space will appeal to the most number of buyers. The key is to take yourself (and your own sense of style) out of the equation as much as possible so that buyers can see themselves in the space.

Putting on a fresh coat of paint will also help to lighten up the room and make it look cleaner and nicer. Dirty, dull or yellowing paint will make a space look old, dirty and depressing. Just freshening up the rooms in your home will help to improve its value.

Brighten Up the Space

Lighting can have a big impact on the look and feel of your space. More lighting can help a space feel more open and more inviting. Consider placing more lights in rooms, including recessed ceiling lighting or wall and under cabinet lighting. In addition to adding more lighting, you can also change the type of lighting. By installing brighter lighting or higher-wattage lighting, you can make the room lighter and more open.

Put on New Doors and Drawer Fronts

Your cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom can have a significant impact on the value of your home. However, new cabinets can be very expensive. You can improve the look and feel of these two important areas in your home by simply replacing the door and drawer fronts and their hardware.

With the right drawer and door fronts, you can create a sophisticated look that can immediately improve the value of your home.

Get Rid of Clutter

Nothing make a room seem smaller or less inviting worse than clutter. Take the time to put everything in its place and to remove any extra books, pictures, toys, art supplies, or other items that are taking up extra space. Put these items in boxes and store them in your closet if you must (you're going to be moving soon anyway).

The key is to create a clean space with smooth lines and an open feel. Too many items on shelves, stacked on tables, or spilling over onto the floor will have the exact opposite effect.

Put Out Some Finishing Touches

You can make your home look more polished and inviting by adding some finishing touches such as nice wall art, carefully chosen accessories and fresh-cut flowers. The key is to keep these items neutral and classic, and to be deliberate in their placement. Too many of these types of items can make a room feel cluttered. The wrong types of items can make a room feel too personal.

Stick with a few classic pieces that highlight the best features of the room. Not sure what to choose? Browse a few home decor magazines for ideas and copy a style that you like.

Taking the time to stage your home can significantly increase your sales price. These tips can help you stage your home like a professional and maximize your sales potential.

About the author: Carmen Guzlas is a writer and manager for, where she has recently been researching San Jose real estate. In her spare time, Carmen enjoys gardening and making homemade soap.

Carmen Guzlas is a writer and manager , where she has recently been researching San Jose real estate. In her spare time, Carmen enjoys gardening and making homemade soap.
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    1. I love the idea of under cabinet lighting! I have them in my bedroom but I never thought about installing them in my living room, where I have always used pendants and recessed lighting. I intend to just get more of the under cabinet lighting that I’m already using. Here it is: I’m all about efficiency and I think this keeps in on track of my cause.

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