Tri-ED Reveals State of Northern Kentucky CRE

Tri-EDShining the spotlight on commercial properties in Kentucky, an online effort by non-profit Northern Kentucky Tri-ED reveals any number of existing and projected developments slated for the region. Entitled the New Signature Sites and Buildings Catalog, the online brochure is actaully quite an excellent preview of the area.

While this listing is not intended to be all inclusive of properties within Kentucky, the selected ones are representative of key growth areas in the region. Viewers will note the comprehensive way the space is covered from state incentives for development, through the minute details of certain properties, not to mention superb graphics (see below).

You’ll find existing offices to planned developments showcased very nicely. The brochure reveals everything from available industrial buildings to land data for suitable development. With hard copy of the data available too, it’s clear Tri-ED wants business to migrate to that part of the state. Taking a snapshot from NAI Isaac of Lexington from mid-year 2012, the job situation there indicates a relative growth spurt with ensuing vacancy positives in office space and elsewhere. Zoliath reports further on vacancy falls even  more recently here.

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