Three UK Property Fraud Stories

News from the UK tells of three former Cumbrian estate agents having admitted to defrauding clients of more than £250,000. Facing prison time for their actions, the husband and wide team of Gloucestershire admitted to the judge in the case charging clients for qualified surveyors when in fact the couple performed work themselves.

Tenant agreement - courtesy © Kenishirotie -

Tenant agreement – courtesy © Kenishirotie –

The trio involved are scheduled to be sentenced on 17 May, according to the BBC report. Smith’s former partner, one Simon Jeremy Hindle, also plead guilty to the same charges. Whatever jail time the crooked agents face, they will be forced to repay any profit the garnered from their ill doings.

In another case before the courts in England two partners were accused the intent to commit a fairly large scale ( £2.5m) mortgage misrepresentation. Jason Omar is on trial with broker Paul Bradwell for misrepresenting certain facts in mortgage applications. According to the reports previous criminal convictions and some income incongruousness are at the heart of this case. However, despite Omar’s denial of any wrongdoing, another person in the case has already admitted to misleading information.

Finally, in still another case a landlord Fazool Gajraj, 42, is jailed over collecting deposits from potential renters for houses he did not own. In this one several veritable nightmare stories were revealed when Gajraj’s victims tried to move into their flats. One tenant actually did move in only to have the actual agent throw here out the next day.

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