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Strategic Blogging & Social Media Strategies for Real Estate Agents

By Guest Author | November 4, 2014

When running a real estate agency, realtors and agents have the opportunity to create a great lifestyle and provide beneficial services for their clients. While it’s not necessarily easy to do, especially when using old methods, continually finding new clients in critical.


With a little hard work and some dedication, it’s possible to find people without too much expenditure of money or time. With this in mind, here are five strategic blogging and social media tactics to improve results.

Provide true value:

If a business owner wants to connect with clients, he or she needs to provide value. As easy as this may sound, all too often content is shared to followers or readers that does not have much intrinsic value. Oftentimes when blogging or using social media, lackluster or ineffective ideas are offered with the thought that content provides engagement. However, this is typically unwise because it doesn’t provide any actual value to the client, and will usually not generate results to a real estate agent.

Instead, creating insightful, educational and authoritative content that people find useful will result in engagement and sharing. By creating and sharing this type of content, you will increase the odds of converting visitors into clients. On the other hand, if an agent only posts content that is not engaging and only appeals to the search engines, they will have a hard time converting readers into paying clients.

Post often, but no too often:

While it can be tempting, one should not post too often on social media to avoid spamming followers. Unfortunately, many real estate agents post multiple times a day with content that is not informational and end up discouraging their followers, ultimately losing their effectiveness.

Instead, post a couple of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter posts in one or two awesome updates per day that will generate engagement. Remember, when trying to provide value to clients, one should keep it to a minimum. By offering interesting, unique and valuable ideas, you will convert users at a higher rate, all without annoying them.

Answer questions:

Consider answering questions on social media, whenever possible. There are people who turn to social media to find answers to their questions. A great approach is to join a few groups. Once you have done so, at least once per day, login to your social media accounts and see if you can find someone with questions that you might be able to answer. If done tastefully, this will position you as knowledgeable and helpful.

They do not all have to be real estate related. Feel free to answer any question, as long as you can offer useful advice. For example, if someone is in your city and they want suggestions for the best restaurants in town, provide some input. You might even gain a few new followers who liked your suggestion, and the next time you post on social channels, your reach will increase by the new followers you gained – all by answering one simple question.

Keep it concise:

If a writer wants to create interesting and entertaining content, he or she must keep things short and to the point. If one goes on for too long, they will end up boring the reader who might not even bother coming back to your website. Instead, a smart writer should keep his or her blog posts and social media communication short and sweet. As an aside, though, make sure to take the time and answer any reader’s questions. Keep in mind that engagement is about value, not sales, and temper your responses as such. While this may not be easy at first, the end result is a lot more beneficial if you truly provide value without strings attached.

Write amazing content:

If a person wants to do well with social media and blogging, he or she will want to create content that people truly enjoy. When writing, it’s wise to remember the audience and keep things simple and to the point. Even while keeping it short and simple, it’s possible to excite readers who are not very familiar with real estate. Remember when writing that it’s not prudent to talk over people’s heads. Instead, try to write interesting, unique content that readers understand and enjoy.

As a real estate agent, sticking to this social media and blogging formula will make it possible to increase your user base and give you the opportunity to turn visitors into clients. Although this is not a one-size fits all approach, you will achieve the best results by integrating these tactics with other marketing strategies that are currently providing great results.


About the author: Jonathan Ensey is a contributing writer at Realty Biz News

photo credit: Scott Beale via photopin cc

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