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Streamline your processes to make your business more competitive

By Jamie Richardson | December 11, 2019

Running a modern property management firm is challenging and it is becoming more so. Changes in regulations mean you have to regularly tweak your processes to keep your clients’ properties compliant. Severe weather events are becoming more common. So, you are more likely to have to deal with the after-effects of floods and storms.

All of this is happening in a more competitive environment. Consumers are becoming increasingly price savvy, at a point when overheads are rising for most firms.

The need to work more efficiently

But, there is a way to remain competitive. Whether you are providing homeowner management services, listing properties or managing rentals, streamlining your processes can enable you to beat the competition. The fact that you will be working more efficiently enables you to keep your prices down.

Identifying which processes you need to streamline first

All companies have processes that they have to carry out regularly. Some are only done on a yearly or quarterly basis. Others are carried out every month, week or day for dozens or hundreds of clients.

The more frequently a process is carried out the more important it is that it is streamlined and done as quickly as possible. If your staff put together an average of 200 work orders per week, knocking a couple of minutes off the time it takes you can free up around 6.5 hours of their time. Do something with 10 processes and you can easily manage to run your business with one less employee.

It is also worth looking at that those processes that cost you the most to carry out. Anything you can to strip them down to the basics will save you money. Simplifying and automating these kinds of things makes it easier for your employees to do them well. This lowers the risk of things going wrong, which means less wasted time and materials.

You automatically end up offering a more reliable service

This naturally leads to your being able to provide your customers with a more reliable service. Not letting people down usually leads to a higher level of customer loyalty.

Process data will uncover more efficiencies

In many cases, automating your processes will require you to use some sort of software or app. This is really good news because it means that you can get your hands on a wealth of valuable data. Information that can help you to understand your business better, which will enable you to identify other ways you can work more efficiently.

Produce evidence that tasks have been completed

When a business becomes more data-driven, it becomes far easier to track whether tasks have been done. For example, the automated emails that are sent out to book things like building inspections are there as evidence that you contacted the authorities to make the appointment. You can easily interrogate a database to quickly demonstrate that all kinds of tasks have been completed.

The above are the most important reasons to automate your business and the biggest benefits you are likely to notice from doing so. If you want to learn about some of the lesser benefits you can do so by reading through this article.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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