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Struggling To Pay Your Mortgage: Solutions For Homeowners

By Jamie Richardson | May 8, 2020

If you’re struggling to make mortgage payments, you are definitely not alone; according to statistics, roughly 1 in every 2000 homes are in the midsts of foreclosure. What’s more, the emergence of the novel coronavirus has simply amplified the mortgage payment struggle for homeowners around the globe. 

Whether you are uncertain of your own financial future due to income loss or you are hoping to create some level of financial stability by reducing your total debts, you may find the answer you are searching for in the following mortgage payment solutions.

Short Sale

A short sale may seem like a last resort, although in many cases the solution has saved many from financial ruin. In the event that your home has devalued over the years and you have realized that your mortgage is no longer justifiable, a short sale would be the most plausible solution. You would ultimately be able to avoid a potentially crippling debt burden by consulting experts at Ohio Short Sale Centre and evaluating your options as a struggling homeowner.


If you are searching for a solution to hold onto your property while struggling to make payments, it may be in your best interest to consider refinancing your mortgage loan. You may be able to refinance and opt for a longer-term, which means you will essentially be paying less over a longer period. Opting for refinancing solutions can be done by comparing deals from lenders and consulting your lender to query interest rates and potential savings. 

Release Equity 

Releasing equity on your property may sound quite foreign, although, it is an exceptionally popular practice among homeowners. You will be able to release equity in the event that your home’s value exceeds your owed amount on your mortgage. This is usually the situation when homeowners invested in various home improvements. To determine equity, you can have your properties value assessed. 

Selling Solutions

Evaluating your living situation may not be your preferred strategy to eliminate the mortgage payment battle, although, if you are prepared to sell your home, you could save yourself from ruin before the situation amplifies. However, you should always evaluate all channels before resorting to a hurried sale and ensuring that asking price will cover your debts while still salvaging your comfort. Therefore, you should consider your home’s value against your mortgage debt to determine whether or not you would be able to purchase a smaller home or rent while you are getting back on your feet.

Struggling to make mortgage payments is often a situation that cannot be avoided as hardly anyone considers future income loss at the time of purchasing a property. However, this may be the reason why so many millennials avoid home loans as an uncertain financial future seems to be an impacting factor when it comes to millennials decision making. Even though owning a home with the help of a mortgage loan is plausible, comparing deals and assessing initial interest rates should always be a priority.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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