New UltraFICO credit scoring model promises to extend credit access to millions

Experian, FICO and Fincity are touting a new credit scoring model they say can increase access to credit for millions of U.S. citizens. UltraFICO, as the new model is known, takes into account more than just the information reported to the three main credit scoring agencies, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. It also looks at consumer’s

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Agent Spotlight: North, South, East & West

Over the last couple of years we’ve visited several thousand websites, and agents. In keeping with our “good news” belief in positive thinking, the list of post Super Bowl real estate gurus below tells of big game winning business people. Here’s a “good morning” to all you agents and brokers out there, we are paying attention. For the budding real estate pro, if you’re seeking direction – emulate this.

A Top Five “Just Listed” in the US

Here are five properties “just listed” from some of America’s leading real estate brokers. The properties are presented randomly and across the spectrum of price and location. RealtyBizNews offers these listings as an industry service, we are in no way affiliated with the companies mentioned.

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