Ask Brian: What Should Home Buyers Know About Systems and Major Appliances?

Ask Brian is a weekly column by Real Estate Expert Brian Kline. If you have questions on real estate investing, DIY, home buying/selling, or other housing inquiries please email your questions to [email protected] Question. Brad from Oregon writes: Hi Brian. My wife and I started looking for a house to buy a week ago. We’ve

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Home Staging: How to Make Your Appliances Appeal to Buyers

When you’re ready to sell your home, there is one room that can sway a buyer over all others: the kitchen. As a seller, your kitchen should be uncluttered and clean, and the biggest assets—your appliances—should take center stage.

Home Decor & Home Renovation For Beginners

Home decor is an absolutely fabulous way to ensure you have a home that’s worth visiting and spending lots of quality time in. If you have any ideas for design, which not everyone is cut out to do, then you’ll be one step ahead when it comes time to add things like fireplaces, light poles, rugs, various furniture pieces, and more. You’re NOT limited by the scope of your imagination with this!

Foreclosed Homes Prove Tempting Targets For Thieves

Foreclosed homes have become a big target for thieves, tempted by such easy pickings as left-behind appliances, bits of copper, electrical fittings and anything else they can find in properties left vacant. One of the most common scams, brought to the attention of real estate professionals by the National Association of Realtor’s Memphis branch, is

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