Surfing for Homes – A New Facebook App Is Here

Ah, applications, or “apps” for short. We love ‘em don’t we? There are apps for every possible thing under the sun – apps to help you keep track of when it’s tea time, game apps, design apps – you name it, it probably has an app for it. So it’s no surprise that Cervera Real

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3 Top Iphone Apps For Realtors

Walk into any waiting room, stand in line at the department store, or even take the morning train into work and you will spot hundreds of people, faces intent on a small glowing screen as their fingers fly across their smartphone, letting their fingers do the talking, i.e. texting. But what if you’re one of

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Mortgage Rates May Slow New Sales

Even slight increases in the 30 year mortgage interest rate may affect how home buyers perceive the market. Worse still, with budget belts so tight, even a few points can mean the difference between affordability and impossibility. Have we seen the last of super low interest rates? Some experts believe banks simply have to increase rates to survive.

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