US First-Time Buyers Numbers Fall for Third Consecutive Year

A new survey has found the number of first-time buyers in the United States has fallen for the third consecutive year and figures are now at their lowest point for nearly 30 years. Even though home sales have strengthened over the past year the market has been driven by repeat buyers who often have dual

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Encouraging Boomerang Kids to Move Out

In the not so distant past, it was expected that kids would leave home after college, and most of us were anxious to do so. Nowadays things are often quite different, and many parents find themselves looking after adult children with little idea of when they will fly the nest. An article in points

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Is Abortion Contributing To Lack Of Demand From First Time Home Buyers?

In doing research for various articles for Realty Biz News, I see a lot of data, and some of it has caused me to ponder on the question of whether abortion, and it’s effect on population growth, has begun to impact the U.S. housing market.

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