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Demonstrating Cash Flow Is Key for Self-Employed Seeking Mortgages

By Brad Walker | January 30, 2017
The current financial system was not designed with the self-employed in mind.
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Positive Cash Flow Without the Hassles of Landlording

By Brian Kline | September 1, 2015
Even as things change, two reliable ways of making money in residential real estate remain. Flipping houses and renting houses. You need to know how to do both and which one is best for today's marketplace. But there is a flipping strategy that very few investors consider that works best. While foreclosures are greatly reduced, […]
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7 Lessons I've Learned About Investing In Residential Real Estate

By Donna S. Robinson | May 2, 2014
The best deals I've ever made were not to be found in the classified ads, on the MLS, or via other investors. The real deals are often masquerading as "no deal", until you actually make an effort to look at the fundamentals...
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Accumulating Wealth With Real Estate

By Brian Kline | April 24, 2014
This is petty much real estate investing 101 but it's good to go back over the basics occasionally. If you invest wisely, your first increase in wealth should occur as soon as you sign the closing paperwork. If you buy a $100,000 house for 80% if market value, you should be worth $20,000 more as […]
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10 Tips For Investing In Turn-Key Real Estate

By Donna S. Robinson | April 23, 2014
The idea behind "turn-key" real estate investing is that an investor can purchase a property from a company that will then manage that property for them, a kind of "hands-off" investment for busy professionals or investors.
Investing, US Real Estate

Why Housing Needs Higher Interest Rates

By Donna S. Robinson | February 17, 2014
1. Help Reign In Rampant Speculation Speculation on the most massive scale in human history is taking place in virtually all of America's major cities today. Fueled by trillions of dollars at near-zero interest rates, courtesy of the Federal Reserve. Tens of billions of dollars monthly, is being loaned to recently created, (i.e.  no track […]
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What Do Rising Prices Have To Do With A Housing Recovery? Nothing.

By Donna S. Robinson | February 12, 2014
In the wake of the housing market crash of 2008, those with a direct interest in the housing industry are bound and determined to to create a housing recovery, even if they have to make it up. I have in front of me at this moment, exhibit "A": A classic example of manufactured "evidence" that […]
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