More than half of all existing homes sold above asking price in May

Redfin survey finds that 51% of homes sold above their list price in May

Home sales are taking longer

People who’re trying to sell their home during the COVID-19 pandemic are being warned they’ll need to be a bit more patient than usual, as the process is likely to take a little longer. That’s according to the latest survey, which found that homes are taking an average of 15 days, or 27%, longer

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5 Reasons that a Home Has Not Sold

Selling a home can be very challenging unless there is a strategy in place to sell. There are many steps to take before you list it for sale to ensure a quick sale and a few days on the market. Deferred Maintenance Present Ensuring that all deferred maintenance before a home is listed for sale

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Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Are you in the market to buy or sell a home, and are now looking for the perfect real estate agent? Since the process of becoming an agent is fairly easy – it’s a good idea to do your homework before choosing.

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