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Beat the Competition to Foreclosed Homes

By Mike Wheatley | February 7, 2012
Although we might be awash with foreclosed homes at the moment, the best of these properties aren’t always so easy for buyers to get their hands on. One of the main problems is that foreclosures are available at such big discounts – perhaps as much as 35% less than the market rate – meaning that investors with cash in hand are often able to trump the rest of us.
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Chicago Begins Renovating and Renting out Foreclosed Condos

By Mike Wheatley | January 10, 2012
Cities across the US are grappling with the same question: What to do with all of those homes left vacant by the large number of foreclosures? While government agencies at a national level struggle to put together a coherent program for transforming foreclosed homes into rental properties, it seems that some cities are already taking matters into their own hands.
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FHFA to Review Foreclosure-Rental Proposals

By Mike Wheatley | December 30, 2011
More than 400 viable proposals have been received by the FHFA on how it should try to deal with the large number of foreclosures that continue to plague real estate markets across the nation.
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Foreclosure Process Takes Twice as Long

By Mike Wheatley | December 29, 2011
The average length of a foreclosure process has more than doubled since the housing crisis gripped the nation in 2007. Back then, the average length of time for a home to be foreclosed was just 253 days. Now, the average length of a foreclosure process is almost two years – 674 days, to be absolutely precise.
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Housing Crisis Gone To Pot

By Mike Wheatley | November 16, 2011
The housing crisis has presented an unlikely opportunity for those involved in the illegal “homegrown” marijuana trade, as more and more drug dealers take advantage of foreclosed homes standing empty and transform them into cannabis growing factories. Las Vegas in particular, has seen a huge increase in the number of marijuana farms appearing in its […]
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Home Appraisals Continue to Derail Housing Markets

By Mike Wheatley | November 8, 2011
Home appraisers are continuing to be an obstacle in the way of sales, with more than a third of real estate professionals blaming them for delaying or canceling proposed contracts in the first six months of this year. This marks a staggering increase of 29% on the number of deals blocked by appraisers in 2010, […]
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Mitt Romney Says Banks Should Be Allowed to Proceed with Foreclosures

By Mike Wheatley | October 20, 2011
Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has stated that he believes that the best way to help housing markets to recover is to let home foreclosures “hit the bottom”. Speaking to the Las Vegas Review Journal ahead of a presidential debate in Nevada, Mr. Romney said that he thought banks should be allowed to carry through […]
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