Study Shows Homeowners Tend to Overestimate Property Values

A recent study that was published in the Journal of Housing Economics found homeowners tend to overestimate the value of their property by an average of 8%. These figures are based on statistics from the federal databases and researchers think these over valuations are most likely due to owner estimations of the capital gains accumulated

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Do You like Hardwood Floors or Carpet?

It’s a decision most of us will have to make when looking at how to renew flooring in the home. An article in points out that it’s worth considering several different factors when making your choice, including ease of cleaning. Apparently hardwood floors are currently more fashionable, and may make your home easier to

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10 Steps to Take Before Listing Your Home for Sale

You love your home, but it is time to move on. It is time to put it up for sale to eventually let someone new fall in love with it. But before you begin putting up that “For Sale” sign, you have some things to take care of. These are the ten steps you should

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Home Improvements Sellers Should Really Consider

An article in has outlined home improvements that are worthy of consideration by sellers looking to maximize profits. These home improvements can also decrease the time taken to sell the property. According to the experts, it’s easy to make mistakes when considering upgrades to improve a property’s salability, and most people will upgrade their

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Improvements that Raise the Value of a Rental

Investing in a rental property can be an excellent source of long-term income, but getting the most out of that investment will require a certain amount of labor and expense. You may feel that it is perfect as it is, or you might decide that there is an endless list of improvements that need to be made before you’ll get the best possible value out of your property.

Beat the Heat: Home Improvements for A Cool, Cheap Summer

Summer is a time for enjoying lazy days and the outdoors. But no matter what your climate, chances are that you’re starting to really feel the heat of summer by now. For homeowners this time of year is not only known for its promotion of lazing about or grilling out on the patio; it’s also known for a hike in utility costs.

Reviving Your Patio: Creating an Outdoor Space Worthy of Your Home

Unless you had an unlimited budget when purchasing a home you probably had some items that you were forced to settle with. Perhaps you wanted a bigger kitchen or living space but compromised in order to find a nice home within your target price range. Whatever the case increasing your satisfaction with your home, a

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Top 7 Things You Can Do to Improve the Value of Your Home

In today’s market, a lot of people are underwater. If you need to sell your home in a hurry, here are a few suggestions to help you improve your home’s value for less money.

3 Top Home Improvement Projects Which (Mostly) Pay For Themselves

Ask any experienced seller or real estate professional if an upgrade is worth the effort when trying to sell their home and you’ll likely hear a mixture of responses – however most of them will be in the affirmative. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) put together a Cost vs. Value Report detailing the financial

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Buyers Want a Home That is Ready to Live In Right Away

Is a little of the old elbow grease needed to sell a home? Maybe so, at least according to a recent survey, which shows that selling a home “as is” can be a big turn off for buyers. The study by Coldwell Banker found that 87% of first-timers don’t want to put in a lot

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