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Home Improvements Sellers Should Really Consider

By Allison Halliday | October 8, 2013

An article in has outlined home improvements that are worthy of consideration by sellers looking to maximize profits. These home improvements can also decrease the time taken to sell the property.

According to the experts, it's easy to make mistakes when considering upgrades to improve a property’s salability, and most people will upgrade their kitchen thinking they'll recoup the cost during the sale. This might be true, but only if the rest of the house is in good repair. Apparently the typical return for a kitchen renovation is 78%, and this may be something that homeowners want to think twice about, considering how expensive a kitchen renovation can be. However if a kitchen renovation is completed alongside other upgrades and repairs than the seller is more likely to recover the cost, and may even make more money on the sale. This is provided to the seller has taken the time to research the local market, as experts point out that paying for costly upgrades such as granite countertops only makes sense if they are the norm in the neighborhood. Sometimes it might not be necessary to upgrade the whole kitchen, as replacing older and dated appliances can sometimes do the trick.

Courtesy of Fotolia

Courtesy of Fotolia

Anyone who is thinking of making home improvements before listing the property needs to decide how much can be accomplished, and this can all depends on how quickly they need to sell. Anyone who needs to list the property within a couple of weeks will obviously only be able to take on relatively small projects, while those with a couple of months to spare can attempt more ambitious renovations. One thing that experts always recommend is making sure the landscaping is perfect, and even simple things such as making sure the front door is freshly painted and the windows have just been cleaned can make a difference.

One real estate expert feels an area that is often overlooked is the garage, and that having a garage with a pristine floor that has been newly painted with epoxy can make a surprising difference to a sale. Another quick fix is simply to remove window screens and to thoroughly clean them, even before the home has been photographed as it can considerably brighten the overall appearance.

While renovations such as kitchens can run into thousands, others may cost only a few dollars, and painting a home is a quick fix to make it feel fresh and clean. Homeowners are always advised to choose neutral wall colors that help potential buyers visualize living there more easily.

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.
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