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Home Mortgages for the Self Employed

By Brian Kline | April 28, 2016
There are benefits to being self-employed. Not having to answer to a boss is a big one, as is being able to set your own work hours. However, when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage, being self-employed has drawbacks. The "stated income" loan application was originally intended to help the self-employed qualify for a […]
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Legally Avoid Paying Tens Of Thousands On Your Home Loan

By Donna S. Robinson | February 2, 2015
The best kept secret in the housing industry is just how easy it can be to shave years off your home mortgage loan and save tens of thousands of dollars in the process. Mortgage lenders don't want you to know this, because it takes money out of their pocket, but the fact is that there […]
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Fed Study: Garnishing Wages Could Reduce Mortgage Defaults by 30%

By Donna S. Robinson | September 8, 2011
A "Working Paper" documenting a study of mortgage default has determined that two possible options for reducing mortgage defaults would be to increase the required down payment to 15% or garnish the wages of defaulting borrowers. The study, written by Juan Carlos Hatchondo, Leonardo Martinez, and Juan M. Sánchez, looks at an aggregate of data […]
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Is "Affordable Housing" An Oxymoron?

By Donna S. Robinson | August 3, 2011
Oxymoron: A figure of speech that combines contradictory terms. Earlier this year, the Obama administration came out in favor of getting rid of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. There was and is widespread disagreement over this idea, because Fannie and Freddie along with HUD are supposedly the purveyors of "affordable housing". At, they explain […]
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Argument Over Eliminating Mortgage Interest Deduction Heating Up

By Donna S. Robinson | August 3, 2011
With the federal budget deficit at the top of the congressional agenda, Congress has been making noises about eliminating the Mortgage Interest Deduction,(MID). Some economists who are in favor of eliminating the deduction say it could add some 470 billion dollars to federal government coffers, and would make a significant contribution to deficit reduction, while […]
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