JPMorgan Chase pledges billions to reduce housing inequality

JPMorgan Chase said this week it will commit $30 billion towards addressing the racial wealth gap within the U.S. Lenders such as JPMorgan Chase are among those being blamed for fostering inequality in U.S communities by denying mortgages to people of color, or offering them at higher rates than their white counterparts by using the

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US Banks Agree Foreclosure Settlement Worth $26 Billion

The US government has just announced a deal with five of the country’s biggest banks that will see homeowners given more than $25 billion as part of a settlement over foreclosure abuses.

Banks Ordered to Reimbursh Wrongly Foreclosed Homeowners

The U.S. federal government has ordered 16 of the largest lending institutions to pay back those customers who did not get proper foreclosures.  Among those on the list are Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, the four largest banks in America. This is the governments latest jab at mortgage lenders designed to

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