Maine and the Delicate Sustainabile Developmental Situation

Twenty years ago the primeval forests of Maine were endangered by investors aiming for short-term wins. Today, these same forests are once again in danger.

Maine’s Seaside: Maybe America’s Best Property Value Today

Two stories about Maine real estate peaked my curiosity today. The first, a bit about Maine real estate tanking by some 21 percent year on year, this one brought to memory the wonderful natural surroundings there. Then news of a luxury sale of Keeper’s House Inn on Isle Au Haut off the coast, made me look closer at seashore bargains along Maine’s wonderful rocky shores. Let me show you a bit of Maine, watch the video below from the Maine Tourism Office before checking out the properties below.

13% of US Homes Are vacant: Are The Figures Misleading?

With so many foreclosure houses sitting around empty these days, housing markets across the country are faltering as property values and sales prices continue to drop. But are the 13% of US homes now vacant misleading us into a false sense of insecurity?

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